Italy allows 1,000 fans to attend a game and here is what happened

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The coronavirus Pandemic changed everything for sports events worldwide as fans were told to stay away from sports venues in other to prevent the spread of the deadly disease that has killed many people.

Parma stadium allowed 1,000 fans into the stands to watch the match and the club tried to enforce safety procedures by asking fans to wear a mask and social distance. However, we will wait and see how that goes in case we see a new surge in the disease among people that attended the game.

Watch the video below

“For the first time in six months, 1,000 soccer fans in Italy got to enter the stadium and take in the sights, sounds and feels of a live soccer match. COVID-19 lockdown restrictions prevented them from doing so. The match at The Stadium of Parma still implemented safety measures, like temperature checks and a mask mandate. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has more”.

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This is a match between Parma and Napoli. The stadium workers took temperature and all fans were asked to keep their mask on for the entire match. This order was mandatory for all attendees.

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