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Coronavirus caused many Premier League teams to lose money. Here is the list.

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All Premier League clubs took a financial hit due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. But some did better than others at absorbing the impact. Covid-19 caused football games to be suspended and when the league restarted; football matches were played behind closed doors. As a result, many clubs missed out on game ticket sales revenue, food sales, hospitality experience sales, and other sources of income.

Manchester City football club missed out on a staggering £23.9 million, these figures were released by Business Rescue Expert, an insolvency expert company based in the UK.

Manchester City tops the losers table as Premier League clubs loss revenue.

City’s rival Manchester United are second on the list as they lost a potential £17.7 million in proposed income; Man City played six home games behind closed doors, which contributed to its massive loss on matchday revenue, a significant factor behind its loss.

London club Arsenal on its own lost £12 million, while London rival Chelsea lost £8.6 million, as they had just four home games to play as the season came to a close, the smallest of the top-4 teams,

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The Premier League clubs lost a total of  £305 million in cash as they were all forced to play matches behind closed doors due to strict regulations to curb the spread of Covid-19.

However, the prices of pints of beer, matchday programs, and cost of snacks were all put into consideration as the team at Business Rescue Expert considered the high-end teams to support.

Expectedly, London club Arsenal is rated as the most expensive place to get a pint, despite the club not playing its best football in recent seasons, the club charges £5.70 a pint. While rival Chelsea charges £4.60 a pint “not bad for a Champions League club, tho.”

In contrast, Burnley is the cheapest place to get the best deal as the club sells a pint and pie combo for £3.50, a real black Friday treat.

Relegated side Bournemouth lost the least amount of revenue as matches were played without fans, as the Cherries stadium only holds around 11,364 fans. The team could have made  £2.2 million a small compensation compared to what they could have made if they stayed up.

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The worst-hit teams are the Championship, League One, and League two clubs who are in dire need of these funds to keep their team afloat. Sunderland missed out on a potential £4.5 million windfall, which is more than what many clubs in the Premier League missed out on, and they are still not the most vulnerable team in the lower league.

The infographic below shows the amount of potential loss of each Premier League club.

1.  Man City (£23.9 million)

2. Man United (£17.7 million)

3. Liverpool (£12.8 million)

4. Tottenham (£12.6 million) 

5.  Newcastle (£12.1 million)

6. Arsenal (£12 million)

7. West Ham (£11.2 million)

8. Everton (£9 million)

9. Chelsea (£8.6 million)

10. Aston Villa (£7 million)

11. Sheff United (£6.2 million)

12. Leicester (£6.2 million)

13. Southampton (£6.1 million)

14. Wolves (£5.7 million)

15. Brighton (£5.6 million)

16. Norwich (£5.5 million)

17. Crystal Palace (£5 million)

18. Watford (£4.4 million)

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19. Burnley (£4 million)

20. Bournemouth (£2.2 million)

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