Is it time for #Artetaout? Should Arsenal fire Mikel Arteta?

Arteta speaks at a press conference

Arsenal is having the worst season in 40 years, they have only managed to win a few games this season and they have lost many winnable games against the bottom of the league teams. Maybe it’s time for the fans to continue saying #Artetaout or maybe not. Time will tell.

Arsenal’s poor record run means that it’s either that Arsenal’s coach Mikel Arteta is not good enough or the players are not good enough. Before Wenger was fired, Arsenal usually makes the top 4 on the premier league table. Arsene Wenger left, and the club hired Unai Emery, Emery was fired when Arsenal was at the 8th spot on the premier league table.

Arsenal’s front office appointed Freddie Ljungberg to become an interim coach before they hired Mikel Arteta from Manchester City. Arteta took over and changed a lot of things in an effort to improve the club. Sadly, all the efforts didn’t work out well enough to get Arsenal to start winning games.

Arsenal is now at number 14 in the league table, they will face Tottenham Hotspurs this weekend and it seems like Arsenal maybe heading to the relegation zone.

If Arsenal reaches the relegation zone, then maybe it safe to say that Arsenal should be ready to fire Mikel Arteta. No manager should still have a job at Arsenal if he or she takes the club anywhere near the relegation zone.

This justo our opinion, what do you think?


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