Is Bukayo Saka better than Phil Foden?


    The Premier League young stars are having an incredible year and Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden are the top two candidates for the best under-21 years old Premier League player.

    Both of them are great players and starters on their respective teams, Bukayo Saka is a starter, he’s worn a lot of man-of-the-match awards while playing for the United Kingdom national team and his club, Arsenal.

    Phil Foden is also a good great player, he plays for Manchester City and is a starter for his club and sometimes he starts for the United Kingdom national team.

    Bukayo Saka stats: Bukayo has played 25 matches so far this season for Arsenal. In the Premier League, he scored 8 goals and has 5 assists. Also, considering that Bukayo Saka, 20, is playing on a very poor team and he’s been able to carry his team on his back to the Top 4 of the Premier League.

    See his stats below.

    England National team was a breakout spot for Bukayo, he walked on the team, made the starting 11 ahead of players like Foden, Jack Grealish, and co. This means that Bukayo Saka contributes a lot to the game whenever he plays and that is why most coaches would prefer to select him over Phil Foden.

    Phil Foden on the other hand is also a talented player, although he is not as skillful as Bukayo Saka. Foden is a force on the Manchester City team. He played 20 matches so far for Man City, scored 7 goals, and contributed 3 assists.

    On the National team card, Foden played 7 matches, he didn’t score any goals on the international level but he contributed 4 assists.

    The style of play, contributions, goals, assists, and possessions are things that we consider when comparing Phil Foden to Bukayo Saka. Our findings show that Bukayo Saka triumphs Foden in all these areas. As a result, it’s safe to say that Saka is the best under 21 player in the world. He is better than Phil Foden and Jadon Sancho. He’s even performed better than Jack Grealish.


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