Hakan Calhanoglu blasts Zlatan Ibrahimovic After Receiving Abuses During AC Milan Scuddetti parade

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Hakan Calhanoglu slammed Zlatan Ibrahimovic after the Swedish legend humiliated him during AC Milan’s victory parade.

Hakan Calhanoglu blasts Zlatan Ibrahimovic After Receiving Abuses During AC Milan Scuddetti parade

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Turkish superstar Hakan Calhanoglu were teammates at Milan during the 20/21 season.

At the start of the 21–22 season, Calhanoglu controversially made the decision to finish out his contract before making the dreaded switch to Inter Milan.

Naturally, the move was not well received by the Milan players and fans, and Ibrahimovic made sure Calhanoglu was aware of it when Milan narrowly defeated Inter to win the Serie A championship in May 2022.

During the title parade, the 40-year-old grabbed the microphone and urged the crowd to deliver a message to Hakan.

Following Ibrahimovic’s appeal, the audience booed and yelled profanities.

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In response to Ibrahimovic’s action during the championship celebrations, Calhanoglu believes that the Swedish legend behaved childishly despite being a 40-year-old footballer.

According to football-italia, he told Tivibu Spor, “I wouldn’t do that type of thing at his age. He is a 40-year-old man, not 18. He simply enjoys being in the spotlight. He didn’t play much or contribute to the Scudetto this season, but he still wants to be the center of attention.

“Besides, he is the one who always calls me up, asks me to go out to dinner or for a motorbike ride. He wrote about me in his book too. He had to write something, or it would’ve been blank pages. It’s best not to bother, honestly.”

Then Calhanoglu lashed out at Milan’s fans, claiming that they did not sing his name even once throughout his four years with the team.

Hakan Calhanoglu blasts Zlatan Ibrahimovic After Receiving Abuses During AC Milan Scuddetti parade

“I am very happy at Inter, though, and the support of the fans is very helpful. I played at Milan for four years, but nobody ever chanted my name in the stands, whereas it happens every time I just warm up for Inter” he continued.

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The Turkish international then asserted that despite finishing second to their fierce rivals, Inter remain a far better team.

Inter has a much stronger team than Milan, according to Calhanoglu.

“We lost a derby that changed suddenly at the 75th minute after Ivan Perisic and I were substituted. we were leading 1-0 and then lost 2-1, so the coach contributed to the defeat and I told him as much.”

“We defeated Milan 3-0 in the Coppa Italia semifinal,” he added.

Ibrahimovic is known for his sarcastic comments and attacks on players; hence, Calhanoglu comments against the Swedish football legend might not go without a more fierce reaction from the 40-year-old striker.

Will Ibrahimovic reply to what Calhanoglu said? Time will only tell.

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