Graham Potter reveal death threats, Chelsea support groups offer support

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The manager of Chelsea, Graham Potter, has received brutal and cruel abuses wishing death to him and his family due to the poor results the West London side have accrued. 

On Friday, Potter revealed that he is a recipient of terrible emails from trolls. 

Chelsea who currently sit tenth (10th) on the Premier League log, battle Tottenham Hotspur in a London Derby encounter on Sunday. 

They are on an horrendous run of just two wins in fourteen (14) Premier League matches.

And Graham Potter speaking on the vile abuses said:

Graham Potter
Graham Potter

“I’ve had some not particularly nice emails come through that want me to die and want my kids to die. That’s obviously not pleasant to receive. If you go to work and somebody is swearing abuse at you it’s not going to be pleasant, if you’re referred to as the worst person in the history of the club.

“You can say, ‘Oh, I don’t care’ but you know I’m lying because everyone does care what people think because we are hardwired to be socially connected.

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“And I want to succeed here so it’s nonsense this notion that I don’t care.

“And I would ask you to ask my family how life has been for me and for them. It has not been pleasant at all.

“I understand that supporters go home and they are really annoyed because their team is not winning.

“But I assure you my life for the past three or four months has been fairly average apart from the fact that I am really grateful for this experience and can say what a great challenge this is.”

Potter joking about an email

Graham Potter went comical and stated: “You know there’s a problem when the email is sent from [email protected]”.

Chelsea are giving Graham Potter their full backing over the distasteful abuses and reports also say that protection around the boss may also be stepped up.

The former Brighton and Hove Albion chief entrusted West Ham United manager David Moyes with some information after the 1-1 draw earlier this month between both teams. 

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The Englishman admitted: “Life is tough for lots of people and nobody cares about a Premier League manager. Sometimes life isn’t fair and I understand it. I spoke with David Moyes about it.”

Potter was offered money to sign eight (8) fresh players at an wholesome cost of £286.8million in the winter transfer window but The Blues have scored only one (1) goal in their last four encounters.

Graham Potter spoke about Chelsea’s “worst” preseason

The man brought in by Todd Boehly from Brighton and Hove Albion further stated how Chelsea’s last preseason for the 2022/23 season went:

“We had a sub-optimal pre-season and our experienced guys thought it was the worst they’d ever had.

“Then there was a manager change, old players left, new players came in.

“We had an unprecedented injury situation in that period. This is the toughest job in football.”

However, the support group of Chelsea fans have rallied round Graham Potter and they have put out a strongly worded comment bashing those sending death threats to their manager. 

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The Chelsea fans group statement reads: “The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust is appalled that Graham Potter and his family have been subjected to death threats.

Chelsea fans group statements

“The actions of these individuals are disgusting, and they do not represent Chelsea FC supporters. No manager and their family should be subjected to any threats of this nature – we are deeply disappointed.

“While debate and criticism regarding personnel and performances are part of the game, this must never escalate into abusive behaviour directed at individuals and family members.

“These threats are beyond unacceptable and we support any subsequent investigation.”

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