Gianni Infantino Re-elected As FIFA President Till 2027


    The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, will serve a second term in office as the Federation Of International Football Association head after he was re-elected unopposed to lead the global football’s governing body.

    The Swiss-Italian would be head of FIFA for another 4 years

    He is going to be the president of FIFA for another four years. He was re-elected during the 73rd FIFA Congress that was held in Kigali, Rwanda. 

    Gianni Infantino
    Gianni Infantino

    Infantino speaking after being re-elected to lead FIFA from 2023-2027 said: “Being FIFA President is an incredible honour, an incredible privilege, and it is also a great responsibility. I am truly humbled and touched by your support, and I promise you that I will continue serving FIFA, serving football all over the world and serving all 211 FIFA member associations.”

    Paul Kagame kicked things off

    The elective FIFA Congress was held in the African continent for the first time in history. Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda commenced proceedings for the congress. 

    President Kagame received delegates from the 208 assembled member associations to his nation, and he sent out congratulatory remarks to President Gianni Infantino on his imminent re-election. 

    Gianni Infantino said that the duty of FIFA is to organize tournaments and to develop the beautiful game of football. 

    He also established that the 32-nation FIFA Women’s World Cup set to go down in Australia and New Zealand in the summer of 2022 will get an upward increase in prize money to over 150 million which is more than thrice the amount from the last edition in 2019. The amount is also 10 times higher than the amount received in 2015.

    Infantino also indicated the imminent changes that would be put on the FIFA U-17 World Cup at boys and girls level which would see the competition played on a yearly basis. 

    The Swiss-Italian also spoke about the introduction of the FIFA World Series and the amended 32-team FIFA Club World Cup with the aim of offering teams from every continent more chances to battle at global level. 

    This re-election is Infantino’s first since he originally took charge of the remaining years of his embattled predecessor, Josep Blatter, in 2016.

    FIFA President, Infantino at the 73rd FIFA Congress in Kigali, Rwanda
    FIFA President, Infantino at the 73rd FIFA Congress in Kigali, Rwanda

    Gianni Infantino could still be head of FIFA till 2031

    Gianni Infantino based on FIFA statutes can still push for another tenure in charge of FIFA from 2027 till 2031. The Swiss-Italian lawyer is not universally accepted by some member associations for several reasons, including seeking for a fruitless plan to have a Biannual World Cup. 

    Many European countries like Germany, Norway and Sweden have not been in good terms with his presidency and they stated they would not fully back him. 

    Infantino speaking at the congress also said: “Let me simply thank all of you, Those who love me, you are many, and the few who hate me, I love you all.” He said this after he was confirmed as president, with a resounding applause at the 73rd congress held in Kigali, Rwanda. 

    The FIFA World Cup in 2026 will have more teams competing from the “now usual” 32 nations to 48 nations for the next tournament that would go down in North America in 2026.

    Infantino has revealed a targeted earnings of $11 billion in the next four years up until 2026, in comparison with the $7.5 billion made in the last four-year period that ended in 2022.


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