Antonio Conte shares his thoughts on Harry Kane’s future with Spurs and the top-four race


Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has revealed his thoughts on Harry Kane’s future with Spurs, alongside the battle for the top-four in his latest presser. 

The manager of Tottenham Hotspur had a conversation with the media on Thursday in preparation for their away clash with Southampton on Saturday at the Saint Mary’s. 

Antonio Conte

Harry Kane’s future is paramount in the minds of Tottenham Hotspur, with just a year remaining on his current deal.

The Italian manager wants Harry Kane to remain at Spurs but he can’t make the decision.

Conte delivered his thoughts on Harry Kane and also made an unusual comparison between football and the NBA while painting the pictures with his thoughts on the tussle for the top-four. 

When questioned about the future of the Englishman, the Italian said: “I think that this is a question for the club because for sure the club wants to involve Harry Kane for the rest of his career in my opinion, for when you have a world class striker like him you want him to stay for the rest of his career.

“But then you know football and sometimes it’s unpredictable but it’s not in my role to make a decision. This is a decision for the club and for Harry.” 

Tottenham Hotspur currently sit fourth on the table and in the last Champions League qualification place via the league route. 

Harry Kane
Harry Kane

Conte also pointed out that clubs like Brighton and Brentford are also in the battle for the top-four, in addition to other guns like Chelsea, Liverpool and also Newcastle United.

The thoughts of Antonio Conte on the poor season Liverpool and Chelsea are having

The Italian also expressed that the poor season Liverpool and Chelsea are having indicates that “football is going to become like the NBA” and he said that the Lilywhites “have to be ready for it”. 

Antonio Conte said: “Don’t forget that Liverpool last season until the end of the season they were in a fantastic run to win everything. They lost in the Champions League final and finished second, one point behind City. 

“They won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup. We are talking about a big team. Then it shows that in one season you can struggle.

“Chelsea won their last Premier League with me. It can happen. This type of situation, Liverpool situation, underlines the difficulty of the Premier League.

“It’s the most difficult league. Guardiola said he knows that every game you have to battle. Football is going to become like the NBA and we have to be ready for it.” 

However, it’s not in its entirety clear what he means by “football is going to become like the NBA”, it could be presumed that he is implying that a team could be wishy-washy even after having a great campaign the previous term. 

Antonio Conte
The manager of Tottenham Hotspur

In the presser, Antonio Conte also stated that he doesn’t think Tottenham Hotspur is thinking about firing him before the expiration of the campaign. 

The Italian stated that he was just playing around when he hinted that he might be sacked after they crashed out of the UEFA Champions League last Tuesday to AC Milan. 


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