Georgina Rodriguez gets a world-class birthday celebration from Cristiano Ronaldo and her uncle, Jesus, calls her evil woman


    Georgina Rodriguez turned 28-year-old on Thursday, January 27, 2022, and his lover, Cristiano Ronaldo gave her a world-class experience in Dubai. Her birthday celebration coincided with the period Netflix released the series ‘I am Georgina’ which tells her life story and her connection with Ronaldo.

    On the night of her birthday, Georgina Rodriguez took to her Instagram page to share the beautiful moments she had with Cristiano Ronaldo and their children in Dubai.

    In the first slide of the series of pictures, Georgina Rodriguez posed with Ronaldo and the footballer’s four children – Cristiano Jr., Eva, Mateo, and Martina.

    Georgina Rodriguez gets a world-class birthday celebration from Cristiano Ronaldo and her uncle, Jesus, calls her evil woman

    While in the second slide, the footballer posed with his lover who is currently pregnant with a set of twins.

    Georgina Rodriguez gets a world-class birthday celebration from Cristiano Ronaldo and her uncle, Jesus, calls her evil woman

    In the third slide, Ronaldo and her family were seated at a dinner table while Rodriguez and some of the children were busy admiring the beautiful tower in the background that was customized with scenes from Georgina’s documentary.

    While in the fourth slide, Rodriguez posed alone in such a way that the tower which was beautifully customized with her image could be seen.

    Georgina Rodriguez gets a world-class birthday celebration from Cristiano Ronaldo and her uncle, Jesus, calls her evil woman

    In one of the pictures in the slide, the beautiful Argentine-born model was seen in the middle of two of Ronaldo’s children displaying his new age (28).

    In the caption, Georgina Rodriguez thanked Cristiano Ronaldo for making her day a special one. She also thanked Dubai for giving her family a special time in the city.

    She wrote: “This is how this exciting day ends ❤️ I can’t find the words 😭 Thank you, Thank you and Thank you @cristiano You can’t make me happier every day 💖🌟 Thank you @dubai for always treating us so well and making us feel at home.

    “Thank you to all of you who have worked to make this day so special 🌟 And thanks to all of you who are always there and rejoice for my happiness and that of my family 💐❤️ You are loved with all my heart ❤️🙏.”

    Also, Cristiano Ronaldo took to his Instagram page to share a clip of the tower in Dubai displaying the trailer for Georgina’s documentary. In the caption, the Manchester United forward simply wrote: “many Happy birthdays my love”.

    More from Georgina Rodriguez’s Netflix Documentary – Ronaldo says he is completely in love with her… Georgina reveals her relationship with Ronaldo halted when her father suffered a stroke

    Georgina Rodriguez's late father Jorge.
    Georgina Rodriguez’s late father Jorge.

    In the documentary Netflix released recently about Georgina Rodriguez, Manchester United forward, Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that he is completely in love with the 28-year-old Argentine-born model.

    “She’s the woman I’m completely in love with,” the 36-year-old Portuguese football icon said in the documentary.

    Also in the documentary, Georgina Rodriguez who started dating Ronaldo in 2016 when she was just a store assistant in the United States, said it got to a point she stopped seeing the footballer.

    According to her, when her late father, Jorge, suffered a stroke in 2016, the development made her absent-minded to the extent she almost sacrifice her relationship with Ronaldo over her father’s illness.

    Georgina’s father was a convicted drug trafficker. He spent 10 years in prison in Spain before he was deported back to Argentina in 2013.

    Jorge suffered poverty and developed stroke in 2016. After three years of struggling with his health, he passed away in 2019.

    ‘For a bit, I was a little absent, well I was sad… and one day we ran into each other at another event and he asked me for dinner I thought “finally, my chance has come”, Georgina said in the documentary while explaining how her father’s illness affected her relationship with Ronaldo.

    As for Ronaldo, the football star said: “It wasn’t sudden. It took a bit, perhaps a couple of months, because during that time we kind of stopped seeing each other.”

    Georgina Rodriguez is a witch according to her uncle Jesus Hernandez

    Georgina Rodriguez's uncle Jesus Hernandez.
    Georgina Rodriguez’s uncle Jesus Hernandez.

    While Georgina Rodriguez was preparing for her 28th birthday celebration, one of her uncles, Jesus Hernandez told The Sun that she has forgotten her extended family since she started dating Ronaldo.

    According to the Argentine man, Georgina called him no more than twice since she started her life-changing relationship with the football icon despite being the one that took care of her when she was a teenager.

    “She may feel ashamed of us and consider she’s better than us because we don’t live with her luxury. I’ve never asked her for anything”, Jesus claimed.

    “I was in charge of providing for Georgina and her sister, buying them clothes, paying for their electricity and water.

    “I did everything. Georgina was living with me during her teenage years until the day they sent my brother-in-law back to Argentina.”


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