Cristiano Ronaldo is in the lineup today as the team faces West Ham United, will he be disrespected by coach Ralf Rangnick again today?


Ronaldo was in doubt for today’s game because of the fallout with his coach who took him off too early in the last match. Ronaldo was not happy about that and he was seen exchanging words with Man United manager Ralf Rangnick.

Read more about the issue down here.

Ronaldo and Ralf Rangnick exchanging words on the sideline

As a result, fans are unsure if Ronaldo will start today’s game as Manchester United’s main striker. However, Ralf Rangnick put the star forward back in the lineup today.

Paul Pogba is back in training but he is not on the game sheet for today, Also Martial who is also having issues with Ralf Rangnick is on the bench today and we’ll see if he comes in to play at some point today.

What your predictxion for today’s match between Man U and Westam United.


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