Georgina Rodriguez earns £83,000 per month as Cristiano Ronaldo’s lover, see why


    Manchester United forward, Cristiano Ronaldo pays his fiancée, Georgina Rodriguez £83,000 every month. The payment is for the 28-year-old Argentine-born model to take care of herself and other basic domestic needs.

    Despite earning this much just for being in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez who is currently heavily pregnant with twins boy and girl earns a good amount of money from her endorsement deals.

    Note that since Rodriguez started dating Ronaldo in 2017, she has been able to carve a niche for herself not just as Ronaldo’s lover but more or less as a social media influencer and model.

    The fact that she is dating Ronaldo has grown her followers to a whopping 36.6 million. Interestingly, most football superstars don’t have as many followers on Instagram as Georgina currently has.

    Hence, she has been utilizing the large audience to promote her yoga routines before she became pregnant. Big brands have also keyed to her high number of followers to go into business partnerships with her.

    Recently, Georgina and Netflix went into a partnership that led to the launch of her docu-series entitled: “I Am Georgina” showing on the popular streaming platform.

    Recently too, Georgina Rodriguez’s picture was used on the cover page of the American famous publication, Forbes which is a deal that would attract a good sum of money for her.

    All these side earnings would not stop Cristiano Ronaldo to keep paying her £83,000 as her monthly allowance.

    Such an amount of money is nothing to a personality like Ronaldo who has made over one billion dollars just from football alone.

    Aside from that, the 37-year-old Portuguese star who used to earn a whopping £500,000 per week at Juventus between 2018 and 2021, currently earns close to £400,000 per week at Manchester United. His earnings are more than enough to pay Georgina Rodriguez twice what he is reportedly paying her now.

    Why is Cristiano Ronaldo paying Georgina Rodriguez £83,000 per month

    Cristiano Ronaldo's fiancee Georgina Rodriguez.
    Cristiano Ronaldo’s fiancee Georgina Rodriguez.

    Since Cristiano Ronaldo started dating Georgina Rodriguez in 2017, the 28-year-old Argentine model who used to be a Gucci shop attendant in the United States has stopped doing any regular job.

    She is often busy taking care of Cristiano Ronaldo’s children and posting pictures on Instagram. Hence, the need for her to earn £83,000 per month from Ronaldo.

    A report by Catalan publication El Nacional claimed that Ronaldo is paying Georgina £83,000 per month for “expenses and care of the children”.

    Note that Georgina Rodriguez is a stepmother to Ronaldo’s first son, Cristiano Ronaldo Junior who was born via surrogacy on 17 June 2010 in the United States. She is also a stepmother to Ronaldo’s twin daughter Eva and son Mateo, born on 8 June 2017 via surrogacy.

    Aside from the three children mentioned above, Georgina Rodriguez has given birth to a daughter for Ronaldo named Alana Martina. She was born on 12 November 2017. Currently, Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant with twins boy and a girl who are expected to arrive this year.

    Georgina Rodriguez stood in for Cristiano Ronaldo when his first son, Ronaldo junior was unveiled as a Manchester United academy player.
    Georgina Rodriguez stood in for Cristiano Ronaldo when his first son, Ronaldo junior was unveiled as a Manchester United academy player.

    Since she is currently earning £80,000 per month as a caregiver to four of Ronaldo’s children, the Manchester United forward could increase her allowance when the twins arrive because that will make it six children that the Argentine model will have to take care of.

    It might interest you to note that Georgina and Ronaldo are not officially married yet but they are engaged. The world is anxiously waiting to see the five-time Ballon d’Or winner walk down the aisle with Georgina soonest.


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