Georgina Rodriguez Breaks Silence On The Death Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Child


Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has opened up about their child’s demise saying it’s “the most complicated” year of her life.

Georgina Rodriguez Breaks Silence On The Death Of Her And Cristiano Ronaldo's Child

After tragically losing her baby son, what was intended to be the “happiest moment” of the year “turned the saddest.”

Ronaldo, 37, and the 28-year-old model were expecting twins in April, but the boy died during birth.

Bella Esmeralda, the baby girl, survived, but three months later she became ill and had to be hospitalized, adding to the stress in the Ronaldo’s family.

Ronaldo’s lover, Georgina Rodriguez, reflected on this when she appeared in Elle Spain’s January issue, saying: “This year has been the most complicated of my life, the happiest moment became both the saddest.”

“It is something that will accompany me for life and that we will not be able to forget.”

Alana, a 5-year-old daughter, and Ronaldo’s 12-year-old son Cristiano Jr. as well as 5-year-old twins Eva and Mateo are also shared by the pair.

Georgina’s family is the center of her world, and she is determined to be there for as much of her family’s development as she can.

She remarked: “My children are the most important thing I have and every step I take is marked by them.”

“I am an omnipresent mother in its evolution. Sometimes they call me heavy, but I don’t want to miss anything!”

The Argentine also discussed her friendship with Ronaldo, a great player in sports.

She claims that being a part of the 819 career-goal forward has allowed her to realize many of her goals, but she adds that her motivation and ambition were unwavering even before she achieved success and notoriety.

And despite Ronaldo’s expulsion from Manchester United and Portugal’s early elimination from the World Cup, Georgina Rodriguez is adamant that her man is the best in the world.

Georgina Rodriguez Breaks Silence On The Death Of Her And Cristiano Ronaldo's Child

She remarked: “Cristiano and I fell in love at first sight, when I saw him for the first time I felt that time stopped.”

“I have never seen a man so handsome, so attentive… he is the most handsome man my eyes have ever seen.”

“And yes, I am the girlfriend of the best soccer player in the world, but it is not necessary for people –and many of them women– to use it in a derogatory way.”

“Clearly my relationship with him has allowed me to fulfil many of my dreams, but always, both before and after meeting him, I have put the same passion in everything I have done… Being a cleaner, salesperson or model.”

The mother of two, Alana Martina and Bella Esmeralda, added that even if she and other people live in completely different worlds, everyone can have the same sense of being “alone or unhappy,” and she too is aware of “what it is to lose.”

She said in her conclusion: “I know that I am like you, that when you come home you just want to take off your shoes and get comfortable.”

“I know that reality is sometimes not kind. I know that your life may not be like mine, but what you don’t know is that my life is sometimes like yours.”

“I know what it is to be alone or sad. I know what it is to win and I know what it is to lose. Also lose someone. I know that I am being questioned.”

“I do it too, and I’m more demanding than you, more severe.”

“But I also know how to forgive myself. I know that life is learning.”

Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez’s boyfriend, is currently without a club.

After his heated sit-down interview with SunSport columnist and TalkTV host Piers Morgan, United tore up his contract.

When the Old Trafford team questioned why he skipped preseason practice when his little daughter was in the hospital, Ronaldo accused them of betraying him.

Georgina Rodriguez Breaks Silence On The Death Of Her And Cristiano Ronaldo's Child

Additionally, he said he did not respect Erik ten Hag.

What Happened To Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Child?

The couple announced the tragic news that one of their newborn twins, a baby boy, had passed away on April 18.

Only the birth of the child’s twin sister is giving him and his partner Georgina Rodriguez the fortitude “to survive this moment,” he said after announcing that his son had died during childbirth.

The 38-year-old shared the information on Instagram and wrote: “It is with our deepest sadness that we have to announce that our baby boy has passed away.

“It is the greatest pain that any parents can feel. Only the birth of our baby girl gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness.”

“We would like to thank the doctors and nurses for all their expert care and support. We are all devastated at this loss and we kindly ask for privacy at this very difficult time. Our baby boy, you are our angel. We will always love you.”

Ronaldo announced Rodriguez’s twin pregnancy in October. Two of his four already-born children are twins, 5-year-old daughter Eva and son Mateo.


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