Georgina Rodriguez smiles in the Stands despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s exclusion from Portugal’s World Cup Starting Lineup


    Georgina Rodriguez was seen smiling in the stands during Portugal’s World Cup match against Switzerland, despite the fact that her partner Cristiano Ronaldo was left out of the Portugal starting lineup.

    Georgina Rodriguez smiles in the audience despite Cristiano Ronaldo's exclusion from Portugal's World Cup squad

    She was spotted in the Lusali Stadium with a designer handbag while wearing a black outfit and jacket.

    When Georgina arrived at the stadium, she was taken aback to see that Goncalo Ramos had taken Ronaldo’s spot in the starting lineup for the World Cup match against Switzerland.

    It follows Ronaldo’s argument with Fernando Santos, Portugal’s manager.

    The 37-year-old appeared to pout after the manager replaced him against South Korea, murmuring to himself.

    Santos made it known that he didn’t like the 194-cap star’s reaction, saying: “Yes, I absolutely disliked it. I did not enjoy it. I didn’t like it at all.”

    Ronaldo has only scored once so far during the World Cup, converting a controversially awarded penalty in a 3-2 win over Ghana.

    He thought he had scored again, but Fifa determined that Bruno Fernandes had scored the goal against Uruguay since Ronaldo had not touched the ball.

    Since his dramatic interview with Piers Morgan, which resulted in his departure from Manchester United, the former player has continued to grab headlines.

    Ronaldo is currently without a club, but Al-Nassr of Saudi Arabia has received a lot of attention.

    Georgina, his longtime girlfriend, has been basking in the Qatari sun in the meantime.

    Prior to bringing their kids to the stadium for the previous match against South Korea, the 28-year-old unwind at the beach.

    She posed for pictures in the desert before tonight’s big game against the Swiss, and Ronaldo met up with his partner a few days earlier as Georgina uploaded pictures of them embracing.

    Georgina Rodriguez

    In a khaki strapless dress and an orange sports coat, Georgina Rodriguez looked stunning as she took in a Qatari desert wind.

    Georgina Rodriguez smiles in the audience despite Cristiano Ronaldo's exclusion from Portugal's World Cup squad
    Georgina Rodriguez attended the match between Portugal and Switzerland to cheer on Cristiano Ronaldo..
    Georgina Rodriguez smiles in the audience despite Cristiano Ronaldo's exclusion from Portugal's World Cup squad
    Georgina will be hoping her spouse appears since otherwise the Argentinean’s travel might be for nothing..

    She flew to the World Cup to support Cristiano Ronaldo, her boyfriend.

    The model spent some time alone with her children in the desert on Tuesday, but she made sure to post a noteworthy fashion moment from the visit to Instagram.

    The stunning woman with raven hair also shared a photo on her Instagram Stories of herself working out in sportswear.

    It happens after Ronaldo’s team denied rumors that the forward would be signing a deal with Al-Nassr on January 1.

    Why Was Cristiano Ronaldo Benched?

    Cristiano Ronaldo was benched for Portugal’s match against South Korea by Fernando Santos, who was enraged by his petulant response to being replaced.

    When questioned about Ronaldo’s status on Monday, Santos gave reporters in Qatar a hint about the likelihood, saying that he sets the lineup in the locker room and that he had no plans to alter it.

    The decision was justified because the replacement Goncalo Ramos scored a hat trick in Portugal’s 6-1 bashing of Switzerland.

    Gary Neville Calls For Ronaldo To Improve Attitude

    Cristiano Ronaldo has been urged by Gary Neville to change his attitude after the forward was shockingly benched for Portugal’s World Cup match against Switzerland.

    After being substituted in Portugal’s last group match against South Korea, the 37-year-old was clearly upset, and Fernando Santos decided to drop him from the starting lineup in favor of Goncalo Ramos.

    Ronaldo has had disagreements with several managers in the recent past, including Santos. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner abruptly left Juventus last year, and his contract at Manchester United was terminated last month after he revealed in a shocking interview with Piers Morgan that he had “no respect” for Erik Ten Hag.

    Neville thinks that Ronaldo’s behavior is now posing a serious problem for the player, and that in order to turn his career around, he needs to take a good, hard look at himself.

    Georgina Rodriguez smiles in the audience despite Cristiano Ronaldo's exclusion from Portugal's World Cup squad

    One fan claimed that Ronaldo is “finished” after being left out, and others have questioned his attitude. Despite being one of the most well-liked players of his generation, Ronaldo appears to be losing the support of certain supporters.


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