Gareth Southgate won’t be sacked ahead of FIFA World Cup despite poor results

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English FA chairwoman Debbie Hewitt is backing the head coach of the Three Lions of England, Gareth Southgate even though fans are suggesting that he should leave because of his recent winless run in the UEFA Nations League.

Gareth Southgate won't be sacked ahead of FIFA World Cup despite poor result

After drawing with Germany and Italy, losing to Hungary twice, including a humiliating 4-0 home loss that soured the mood toward Southgate, the Three Lions are currently last in their Nations League group.

Some fans booed Gareth Southgate recently urging him to step down before the 2022 FIFA World Cup to give room for a new manager, but Hewitt doesn’t want to listen to such suggestions.

“My personal opinion on Gareth is that he is, by the facts on the pitch, the most successful England manager we’ve had for 55 years,” Hewitt said.

“The bit people don’t see as much is the Gareth at camp and the culture he’s created.

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“Certainly prior to Gareth being the manager of England, there was not the pride of wearing the England shirt. There were the club rivalries we’d read about. The players not getting on.

“He’s changed that beyond recognition and I’ve seen that first hand. I’d also say that I don’t just work in football, I work in business and I’ve worked with a lot of chief executives, and Gareth’s skills – his high IQ and high EQ – would make him a chief exec in any sphere.

“That resilience and accountability [are] the two qualities I admire most. There are no slopey shoulders, he doesn’t huff, he’s resilient and that’s what you want in an England manager.”

When asked if she had spoken to Southgate to offer these reassurances on a personal note, Hewitt replied: “Absolutely I’ve spoken to him, yes.”

FA chairwoman says Gareth Southgate won't be sacked
Southgate and England players

The chairwoman also appreciated Gareth Southgate’s willingness to take responsibility for the ugly results the team has recorded and acceptance of the fact that he is pressured to perform well.

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She continued: “Gareth’s reaction, as in everything to that kind of conversation, is always ‘it’s my accountability, and there’s always something to learn’. That’s why it’s refreshing working with somebody like that because that openness to learn is quite remarkable and quite unusual in any sphere.”

In the same vein, recently, Manchester United captain and England defender, Harry Maguire had to fire back at fans criticizing the team’s performance.

According to Harry Maguire, their style of play got them to the Euro 2020 final and it’s just a matter of time before they get back to winning ways again.

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