Gabriel Magalhães of Arsenal and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo welcome a baby girl named Maya


    Arsenal center-back, Gabriel Magalhães, and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo have welcomed their first child. The name of the bouncing baby girl is Maya.

    In the early hours of Friday, April 1, Gabriel Magalhães took to his Instagram page to share a lengthy post explaining how his wife, Gabrielle Figueiredo started the process that led to the arrival of Maya.

    In the Instagram post, Gabriel shared a series of pictures, one of the pictures showed when he sat by his wife in a hospital room while trying to get herself ready for the delivery.

    In another slide, Gabrielle could be seen hugging her husband out from an inflatable tub where she carried out a water birth.

    While in another slide, Gabrielle was seen holding tight to Gabriel Magalhães from the inflatable tub while she continued her process of birthing Maya.

    In the last slide, Gabriel Magalhães and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo were seen looking into each other faces with calming smiles to show that the birthing process was a success.

    In the caption titled: “Childbirth report in the paternal view”, the 24-year-old Brazilian defender explained that his wife started to feel contractions on April 30, 2022.

    He explained how he and Gabrielle rushed to the hospital at 9 p.m. on the said date and had to wait in a temporary room until it was time for the main child birthing process to commence.

    Gabriel noted how shocked he was that despite the pain his wife was feeling at the time, she was still calm, adding that he saw how strong his wife was when she started pushing out the baby. The Arsenal defender confirmed in the caption that Gabrielle Figueiredo gave birth to Maya without any special intervention.

    Gabriel Magalhães described the child birthing process as “the most natural and beautiful way” to give birth, adding that it was a “unique experience”.

    Gabriel wrote: “On 03/30/2022 Gabi started to feel contractions around 5 pm and at 9 pm we went to the hospital! Because the contractions were increasing and more and more rhythmic, when we got there we stayed in a temporary room until ours was ready.

    “Meanwhile, the doctor came to examine her and she was already 8 CM of dictation. We were shocked because despite the pain and contractions Gabi was very calm. We went to our room where there was a bathtub and there she was in labor until she was 10 cm dilated.

    “After the water broke, we started the expulsive. There I saw how strong and courageous my wife was to bring our daughter into the world without any kind of intervention or anesthesia. And it was most naturally and beautifully possible, God took care of every detail from the beginning. A unique experience, Welcome daughter, we love you.”

    Though Gabriel Magalhães gave a detailed description of how his wife gave birth to Maya, he failed to mention whether the baby girl was born on April 30 or the process lasted until the next day (April 31). But from our calculation, Maya was born in the early hours of April 31, 2022.

    Before Gabriel Magalhães and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo announced the birth of their daughter, the Brazilian damsel took to her Instagram page to share a series of pictures she took when she was still carrying Maya in her womb.

    She shared pictures of the first day she went to the hospital to confirm whether she was pregnant and pictures of when the baby bump was as obvious as possible.

    In the caption, Gabrielle wrote: “9 months of the craziest, most amazing experience of my life… is coming to an end”.

    What we know about the love affairs of Gabriel Magalhães and Gabrielle Figueiredo

    Gabriel Magalhães and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo.
    Gabriel Magalhães and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo.

    Gabriel Magalhães and Gabrielle Figueiredo started dating in early 2020, the same year the Brazilian footballer left French club, Lille for Premier League club, and Arsenal for a transfer fee worth €26 million.

    After Gabriel signed his five years contract with Arsenal on September 1, 2020, and started earning £75,251 per week, he decided to bring Gabrielle to London.

    Since then, the two Brazilian lovers have been staying together and sharing with the world their beautiful love story via Instagram.

    Fortunately for the two of them, they are almost age mates and their names almost sound alike. Gabrielle was born on June 18, 1997, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while Gabriel was born on December 19, 997 in São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

    Though there are no records that Gabriel Magalhães and Gabrielle Figueiredo are officially married, the Arsenal footballer is already calling the Brazilian model his wife.


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