Gabriel Jesus and Darwin Nunez had the best preseason as new signings


    There is a significant influx of A-list players moving between Premier League clubs and leagues across the continent, as well as several high-profile transactions like Gabriel Jesus and Darwin Nunez.

    Gabriel Jesus

    The drowsiness that sets in between mid-June and mid-August is something that every fervent football fan dreads. Weekends just don’t seem as exciting now that club football is off. Even that brief respite is absent this year as a result of the World Cup being postponed to November.

    International football can, of course, inject some nervous energy. The sole redeeming grace at the moment is preseason friendlies. Even though it isn’t as exciting, we can at least catch a glimpse of some of our favorite football players.

    These games could able to assist us to get ready for the 2022–23 season in some little way. Although preseason performances rarely provide a whole picture, it is difficult not to be used to judge players who have lifted our spirits in recent weeks.

    In that light, this article will discuss how, among new signings, Gabriel Jesus and Darwin Nunez had the finest preseason.

    Darwin Nunez:

    Gabriel Jesus and Darwin Nunez had the best preseason as new signings.
    Darwin Nunez

    When Liverpool faced Benefica in the quarterfinals of the Champions League last year, Merseyside club fans got their first look at darwin Nunez.

    He not only scored in both legs against his current team, but Virgil van Dijk also mentioned him when asked about some of his hardest opponents.

    Nunez became the most expensive acquisition in Liverpool history when he signed for the Reds for a sum that could reach £85 million. Nunez managed to make 41 appearances during his final season with Benefica and recorded 34 goals and 4 assists.

    He could be just what Liverpool needs to take Sadio Mane’s place in the front line and lead them for many years to come. He is a tall, quick, and versatile player who can play anywhere in the front line. Nunez scored four goals for Liverpool in a masterful second half as they defeated RB Leipzig 5-0. Nunez looked like the real deal.

    He hasn’t scored in any of their other friendlies, raising concerns about whether he will live up to his price tag. However, he allayed some of those concerns by giving a lively performance during Liverpool’s Community Shield victory over Man City, which he capped with a late goal in the 3-1 victory.

    Gabriel Jesus:

    Gabriel Jesus and Darwin Nunez had the best preseason as new signings.
    Gabriel Jesus

    In his efforts to restore Arsenal, Mikel Arteta has consistently advised the team’s supporters to “Trust the Process.” Although the squad’s performances haven’t always reflected the Spaniard’s ambitions and plans for the organization, it is obvious that Arsenal is committed to building a youthful team around a young core. They had the league’s youngest average age last year.

    Gabriel Jesus was Arteta’s top objective for the summer transfer window, which makes sense. For Man City in the 2021/22 season, the Brazilian scored 13 goals and provided 12 assists, and he still has his greatest years in front of him.

    Additionally, Arteta and Jesus had previously collaborated while Arteta was Pep Guardiola’s assistant, and that prior collaboration may be advantageous to both parties.

    Jesus will fit into Arteta’s aggressive, energetic style of play, which calls for hard pressing, shutting down opponents, and pressuring defenders to make mistakes.

    Gabriel Jesus, a recent acquisition for Arsenal, scored his debut goal against FC Nurnberg after just 85 seconds of play. The North Londoner’s number nine has continued to score ever since, adding to his brace against the Germans with another goal against Everton as the Premier League season gets closer.


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