Francesco Totti And Partner Noemi Bocchi Proves Their Love Is Forever Young


    Francesco Totti And Noemi Bocchi are having a good time holidaying as the new girlfriend appears in bursty bikini at the beach.

    Francesco Totti And Partner Noemi Bocchi Having A Good Time

    The Roma great has ended his marriage to Ilary Blasi, an Italian model and TV personality, and is now seeing Noemi Bocchi.

    The 46-year-old and Bocchi recently took a break after the couple made their love public in October.

    Together, they went to the beach, where his new partner looked lovely in a skimpy swimsuit.

    She wore the swimsuit with denim shorts and a loose, button-down blouse with white and blue stripes.

    A gold Rolex that Bocchi was wearing is thought to be worth £13,200.

    She was apparently born in Rome and works as a flower designer.

    In July, Totti and his ex-wife divorced. The couple had three children together, but the Serie A veteran said his wife left him when he “needed her most,” which led to the breakdown of their marriage.

    The former footballer’s father had died from Covid-19, and he has acknowledged that he found it difficult to cope mentally.

    Totti also asserts that after searching through her phone, he discovered evidence of her allegedly having an affair.

    Francesco Totti And Partner Noemi Bocchi Having A Good Time

    After a report surfaced in 2020 claiming that Totti had nearly ended his marriage to his wife because she had brought home a hairless cat, tensions between Blasi and Totti had been escalating over the years.

    At his former team Roma, the retired Italian forward is revered as a legend.

    He remained with the club for the duration of his senior career and played in 785 games.

    Francesco Totti And Partner Noemi Bocchi Having A Good Time

    In his 25-year career, he scored 307 goals for the team, guiding them to one Serie A championship and two Coppa Italia wins.

    Francesco Totti

    Italian retired professional footballer Francesco Totti Ufficiale OMRI (born September 27, 1976) played only for Roma and the Italy national team throughout his career.

    Er Bimbo de Oro (The Golden Boy), L’Ottavo Re di Roma (The Eighth King of Rome), Er Pupone (The Big Baby), and Il Capitano (The Captain) are some of the nicknames he frequently appears under in the Italian sports media.

    Totti is regarded as one of the best players of his time. He is a creative offensive playmaker capable of operating as an attacking midfielder as well as a forward (second striker, lone striker, or winger).

    Totti played his whole career for Roma, where he won two Coppa Italia championships, one Serie A championship, and two Supercoppa Italiana championships.

    With 250 goals, he is second all-time in the Italian league, while his 316 goals place him sixth among Italians across all competitions.

    Totti holds the record for the most goals scored in Serie A while playing for a single club, as well as the record for the youngest club captain in Serie A history. He is also the leading scorer and most-capped player in Roma’s history.

    Totti, who is 38 years and 59 days old, continued to hold the record for scoring the oldest goal in UEFA Champions League history in November 2014.

    Totti, an Italian who won the 2006 FIFA World Cup and advanced to the final of the UEFA Euro 2000, was chosen for both tournaments’ All-Star teams. He also competed for Italy at the 2002 and 2004 World Cups.

    Totti declared his retirement from international competition in 2007 owing to a physical issues and to devote all of his time to playing for Roma.

    Francesco Totti And Partner Noemi Bocchi Having A Good Time

    The Italian Footballers’ Association presented Totti with a record eleven Oscar del Calcio awards: five for Serie A’s Italian Footballer of the Year, two for Footballer of the Year, two for Goal of the Year, one for Goalscorer of the Year, and one for Serie A’s Young Footballer of the Year.

    Totti was chosen three times for the European Sports Media team of the year. In 2004, as part of FIFA’s centennial celebrations, he was included in the FIFA 100, a ranking of the finest active players in the world as chosen by Pelé.

    Totti was named the most popular football player in Europe in 2011 by IFFHS.

    He was named one of the top 10 older football players in the world by France Football in 2015.

    Totti received the Player’s Career Award and the UEFA President’s Award after his retirement in 2017.

    What Happened Between Totti and Ilary Blasi?

    It seemed like a match made in heaven when former Italian footballer Francesco Totti and TV host Ilary Blasi wed in a mystical ceremony in a historic Roman basilica 17 years ago.

    The couple divorced and are currently engaged in a contentious divorce, shattering the fairytale three children and over 20 years later.

    Things started out amicably after Francesco and his wife announced their separation in July, but things quickly turned sour as Francesco claimed his wife’s infidelity was to blame for the marriage’s dissolution.

    There have been several twists and turns as accusations have been made; most recently, the former A.S. Roma striker claimed he had held Ilary’s expensive purses “hostage” after accusing her of “running off” with his Rolex watches.

    He stated in September 2022 that Blasi had abandoned him after he retired from football and when his father passed away from Covid-19, which led to the breakdown of his marriage.

    The 45-year-old admitted he found it difficult to adjust after leaving the field of play when he retired from the sport in 2017.

    He regrets that his wife was not there to comfort him during those trying moments. Totti has also asserted that Blasi’s infidelity affected his mental health.

    However, it is now being asserted in a report from Corriere della Sera that Blasi took Totti’s Rolex watches and then hid her handbags as a result.

    According to the story, Totti accused his ex-wife of stealing the watches. The Italian said that he had actually hidden her purses as payback and had hoped for a “exchange” before their upcoming court case.

    “What might I do? I stole her handbags in the hopes that we may swap,” Totti had stated in an interview with an Italian publication.

    The Times claims that Totti also possesses numerous pairs of Blasi’s footwear, each of which is valued up to £3,500.


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