Four Arsenal Players on Cameo Make Huge Cash With Flogging Video Messages


    Four Arsenal players on Cameo have reportedly netted huge amounts of cash with flogging video messages to fans and businesses.

    Arsenal players on cameo

    Apart from their earnings from the club, the players have leveraged Cameo to augment their wages and wield extra cash.

    Not all Arsenal players are on Cameo. It is basically an individual agreement between the players involved and the platform.

    The internet platform allows footballers to connect with their fans, business, and corporate entities by sending flogging messages and videos.

    It also allows TV personalities, sports stars, music artists, and other celebrities to interact with their fans and other organizations while offering expert advice and guidance related to their field of expertise.

    Cameo charges 25% of the acreage on videos and messages paid by fans and other clients who subscribed. They also rank the portfolios of the tutors on the platform for credibility purposes based on activity level.

    The four Arsenal players on Cameo include former Manchester City star and Brazil international Gabriel Jesus, Ghana international and former Atletico Madrid star Thomas Partey. Former Chelsea midfielder Jorginho is also on the list including Granit Xhaka.

    Gabriel Jesus

    Arsenal players on cameo
    Gabriel Jesus on Cameo

    Gabriel Jesus is reportedly one of the top-earning Arsenal players on Cameo. The £45m signing from Manchester City is said to be raking in as much as £278 per video message to fans.

    His earning on the platform for recorded messages for businesses is £8,200 in addition to his £265,000 weekly wage at Emirates Stadium.

    Gabriel Jesus recently returned to the Gunners lineup after months on the sidelines due to a 2022 World Cup injury.


    Arsenal players on cameo
    Jorginho on Cameo

    Jorginho reportedly earns £283 for video greetings on the Cameo platform and his earnings have accumulated as well with positive reviews. Unlike Gabriel Jesus, Jorginho makes more from corporate messages than Gabriel Jesus. He earns £12,800 for corporate messages.

    Granit Xhaka

    Arsenal players on cameo
    Granit Xhaka on Cameo

    Granit Xhaka is another Arsenal player on Cameo with considerable earnings on the platform. He earns £98 for video messages and £8,200 for corporate messages – the same as Gabriel Jesus.

    Thomas Partey

    Arsenal players on cameo
    Thomas Partey on Cameo

    Thomas Partey has a top profile on the platform. His video messages cost £246 while his business clips are pecked at £4,100.

    Partey has positive reviews from the platform and is a five-star member.

    What is Cameo?

    Cameo offers individuals, fans, and football enthusiasts opportunities to secure personalized messages and videos from their favorite stars and models from all walks of life.

    You can access your favorite football stars, TV personalities, actors and actresses, sports icons, and others.

    Businesses can also bag endorsements and deals with these top personalities through the platform.

    How does Cameo works?

    Cameo bridges the gap between businesses, individuals, and celebrities by making personalized videos and messages accessible at a click.

    To get access to your favorite celebrity through cameos, go to the platform at Sign up and search for your favorite star on the search bar.

    After making payments, you can access exclusive videos from celebrities tailored to your need both for personal use and business purposes.


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