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Former Barcelona striker, Hidalgo reveals a shocking perception fellow teammates used to have about Leo Messi

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We knew he will one day become a great player, but winning the Balon d’Or for six times was something none of us saw coming” – Those were the words of former Barcelona attacker Christian Hidalgo while he was speaking with about Lionel Messi. It appears that the success of the Argentine player took all his old teammates in Barcelona by surprise as no one ever imagine that he could achieve such a great feat in football.

Christian Hidalgo explained that Messi was truly a great prospect when he joined the Catalan club about 18 years ago. Back then, he hides his shadows on the stars of Barcelona talisman, Ronaldinho, so apparently, the Brazilian star man was regarded as the hero of the team. He explained further that they all knew that Leo Messi is a great player, however, they never imagine that he could go this far in football after he flawed Cristiano Ronaldo to win his sixth Balon d’Or title last year.

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Quoting his words, he said: “Leo was an incredible talent. Everyone in the club knew that he would one day be a very good player,” he told Goal and Spox

“But the best ever? No. Nobody could have foreseen that. Leo’s accomplishments are unique.

Speaking about Messi’s personality, Hidalgo stated that the Argentine player was very reserve when it comes to conversation. The only time they hear Messi speak was when it was pertinent that he should speak. Messi is a very shy individual which is still quite eminent in him even on the field of play. Hidalgo said:

“He was very shy, very introverted. He actually only spoke when it was necessary.

“As he played more and started scoring goals, he thawed a little and joked around more.”

Meanwhile, it is impeccable to know that Messi has defied all odds to become one of the greatest players to play the game.

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