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Ronaldinho to get six months in prison for using fake passport to enter Paraguay

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Former football legend, Ronaldinho is currently facing six months jail term in Paraguay after he entered the country using a fake passport. The retired football star was apprehended some weeks ago after he allegedly traveled to Paraguay alongside his brother with a fake passport, he was apprehended by law enforcement agents in Paraguay and was remanded in a cell.

Meanwhile, there were reports some weeks ago that Lionel Messi is planning to pay a huge sum of about $3.8 Million to hire a top lawyer to get Ronaldinho out of prison. However, in recent reports, advisers of the six times Balon d’Or winner have explained that the report that Messi was going to pay $3.8 Million to hire a lawyer for his former teammate to be released is very untrue. It was reported that though Lionel Messi sympathizes with his former teammate but he is not paying or hiring any lawyer for him to be released.

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It would be recalled Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi played together in Barcelona from 2004-2008 before the Brazilian star left the club and joined AC Milan. He joined Barcelona in 2003 from Paris Saint-Germain and he saw about five successful seasons winning the Champions League with the club in 2006 when the Catalonia giant played against Arsenal in final. Ronaldinho played over 145 games for Barcelona and scored about 70 goals in total.

Reasonably, he joined AC Milan in 2008 and witnessed three seasons in Italy from 2008 to 2011. Ronaldinho and his brother were apprehended by authorities two days after they arrived in Paraguay to present a new book. Meanwhile, authorities have been tipped off that the football legend and his brother had arrived in the country using fake passports. Since then, the two brothers have been cooling off their heels that detention in Asuncion jail with their appeal to change measures to house arrest was rejected by the authority for the fear that the duo might flee from the country.

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Though Ronaldinho‘s lawyer admitted that his client entered the country using a fake passport which was given to him by a business magnate. He explained that he and his brothers had thought the passports were mere honorary documents that have no value and the Brazilian star player unconsciously pulled it out of his bag instead of his real passport.

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