FIFA21 Ultimate Team changes, co-op mode revamp, fitness card purge

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Gamers will be more than happy with the removal of some features in the FIFA Ultimate game (FUT) game mode and some exciting new features.

On the old FIFA edition, you’ll need to add a squad fitness card to get your squad to full fitness but has been completely removed from the FIFA21.

The developers have introduced a new feature due to feedback from gamers; furthermore, players will no longer need a training card and consumable FUT items.

FUT fitness and training card removed.

Players will still lose their fitness/stamina during matches but will be automatically recharged for their next match, so players don’t have to use their coins to buy fitness cards and also exhaust time on applying them, so no need to spend time on fitness refill, players can spend more time on team management and others.

Training cards have also been removed FUT game, which means no attributes boaster for players, making some players unstoppable in games. However, EA is yet to announce the replacement of these consumables or could be used to distribute more players to gamers.

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new FUT mode

FUT mode has added some features that allow players to play through with friends, with an online co-operative mode has been included that will enable gamers to add two-versus –two head-to-head play with a player in squad battle, friendlies, and division rival.

While this new feature doesn’t affect individual progress, points can be accumulated and select different FUT squads to experience playing with different players.

A new FIFA21 division rival mode

In the old division rival mode you had to play a lot of matches to receive a higher level of points, but the new division rival mode on FIFA 21 mode has been cap at 40 matches, and any game after the 40 games will be added to accumulate skills points or champions points.

A new placing system has also been introduced with gamers now able to get division placement by only playing squad battle, if they don’t want to get online and play, as the old placement required grading via matches played only in the division mode. Still, both can now be used in the FIFA 21.

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