The launch date for the FIFA21 closed beta version and how to get a sneak peek

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EA will launch its new FIFA21 worldwide in the month of October, however, some lucky fans will get the opportunity to test a ‘Beta-Version’ of the game before it is released.

For every edition, EA release a beta-version to selected gamers to test run the game and also detect glitches or bugs that may cause any serious problem when released to the open market, millions of entries are submitted to get into the closed circle.

What is the FIFA21 Closed Beta about?

The closed Beta version is an unfinished edition of the FIFA21 accessed by only a selected gamers to test the game and find bugs in the game’s code and allow the developer work on it.

Gamers are given access to different mode of the game instead of the full game mode, some people would be given access to test FIFA Ultimate,Career Mode, VOLTA, Pro Clubs, with these mode all features and new improvements of the games are available to the testers.

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However, the FIFA21 closed-beta can only be played on PlayStation and Xbox one and it is only available to gamers with consoles registered in the UK or U.S.

How to access the FIFA 21 Closed Beta.

If your console is registered in the UK or U.S and you opted to receive emails from EA Sport then you have a chance of getting selected to receive the download code to the Beta version.

players are chosen at random to receive the download code. However, codes cannot be traded or transfer to another account except for the registered console account. While achievement from the beta version can not be transferred into the full game when it is launched.

Beta Closed launch date

The beta closed has been launched and the lucky winners have been sent download code to the test version.

players can play the kick-off mode with any other mode between August 14 to September 1. Players are also not allowed to stream or broadcast the gameplay, while violation could lead suspension.

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