FIFA 23 FUT Heroes: Jay Jay Okocha And Yaya Toure Among The Newly Confirmed Ratings … See Others

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FIFA 23 FUT Heroes ratings, which included renowned names like Yaya Toure and Jay Jay Okocha, have finally been released.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes: Yaya Toure And Jay Jay Okocha Among The Newly Confirmed Ratings

Recent news about a partnership between EA, FIFA 23, and the media organization Marvel revealed that each FIFA 23 FUT Heroes dynamic player image would be officially illustrated by Marvel comics.

In FIFA 23, EA will introduce a brand-new set of FUT Heroes, with a total of 21 new goods to be published, following the introduction of the new player items in FIFA 22.

For 21 of the chosen FIFA World Cup FUT Heroes goods, the distinctive illustrated designs will take the place of real-world player images in-game for the first time in the 14-year history of FUT.

Jay-Jay Ococha and Hidetoshi Nakata will no longer be FUT Icons in FIFA 23 because they are both being launched as FUT Heroes.

On Friday, September 30, 2022, FIFA 23 will be released in every country, and players will be able to employ the new FUT Heroes in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. In total, seven Premier League FUT Heroes, including Yaya Toure, Dirk Kuyt, and Harry Kewell, are being made available in the coming edition of the video game.

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What is the need for FIFA 23 FUT Heroes?

Players who have maintained their cult-hero status throughout their careers are given FUT Heroes items, each of which has special, league-specific chemistry.

You now have new ways to assemble your fantasy team and reenact some of football’s most iconic moments in FUT 23 thanks to the league-specific chemistry that the Heroes have that is tied to their hero moment.

These FUT Heroes also offer a green Club link to any player in the same league in addition to the standard nation link.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes: Yaya Toure And Jay Jay Okocha Among The Newly Confirmed Ratings

Heroes, new products that depict the amazing moments that made some of football’s most iconic players into fan favorites, help you honor some of the sport’s most famous stars.

Newly Confirmed New Ratings For FIFA 23 FUT Heroes

The two Heroes having the highest overall ratings in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team are Rudi Voller and Diego Forlan, each with a rating of 91. The three Premier League Heroes with the highest overall ratings are Yaya Toure, Jay Jay Okocha, and Ricardo Carvalho, while Peter Crouch has the lowest overall rating of 86.

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Here are the FUT Heroes player rankings that EA Sports officially confirmed:

  • Rudi Voller: 91 rated
  • Diego Forlan: 91 rated
  • Lucio: 90 rated
  • Jean-Pierre Papin: 90 rated
  • Yaya Toure: 89 rated
  • Jay-Jay Okocha: 89 rated
  • Javier Mascherano: 89 rated
  • Rafael Marquez: 89 rated
  • Tomas Brolin: 89 rated
  • Ricardo Carvalho: 89 rated
  • Claudio Marchisio: 88 rated
  • Dirk Kuyt: 88 rated
  • Landon Donovan: 88 rated
  • Hidetoshi Nakata: 88 rated
  • Harry Kewell: 88 rated
  • Ebi Smolarek: 88 rated
  • Saeed Al-Owairan: 88 rated
  • Joan Capdevila: 88 rated
  • Park Ji-sung: 87 rated
  • Sidney Govou: 87 rated
  • Peter Crouch: 86 rated

Later in the FIFA 23 cycle, similar to FIFA 22, each Hero might receive an improved, special version of their cards to honor a promo. This can potentially result in new leagues for some of the Heroes.

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