Eric Abidal and his wife Hayet linked to the attack on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui

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Former FC Barcelona defender, Eric Abidal and his wife Hayet Kebir have questions to answer over the attack on Paris Saint Germain player Kheira Hamraoui.

Recall that Hamraoui who plays for France’s female national team was attacked last week when she and her teammate Aminata Diallo were returning from a dinner organized by PSG.

Based on reports, Aminata Diallo drove Hamraoui from the venue of the dinner to the scene where Hamraoui was beaten by masked hoodlums.

A police report confirmed that the hoodlums injured the legs and hands of the French footballer. Hence, the police arrested Diallo as the prime suspect based on the speculation that she masterminded the attack due to the perceived rivalry between them.

Afterward, Diallo who plays in the same position as Hamraoui for both France’s national team and PSG was released with no charges. But she has been assisting the police in investigating the incident.

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During the investigation into the incident, the police discovered that Hamraoui has a sim card registered in the name of Eric Abidal.

PSG star Kheira Hamraoui.

Abidal and Hamraoui are not by any means related except that they are both from France, hence, the former FC Barcelona star would have to answer questions about the sim card found on Hamraoui’s phone.

Eric Abidal’s wife got involved in the scandal because of a question one of the hoodlums asked Hamraoui during the attack. According to Diallo, one of the hoodlums asked: “So, you sleep with married men?”

Hence, the fact that Hamraoui has a sim registered in Abidal’s name made it suspicious that the retired footballer’s wife might be the one behind the attack.

A report by French publication Le Monde claimed that Hamraoui who played for the FC Barcelona female team between 2018 and 2021, had an “adulterous relationship” with Abidal. During the time Hamraoui joined Barca, Abidal was the club’s director of football. He was sacked from the role in 2020.

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Eric Abidal and his wife Hayet linked to the attack on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui
File photo of Eric Abidal and his family.

Also, a report by L’Equipe claimed that four PSG players received anonymous telephone calls from a man claiming to be Hamraoui’s former lover in Barcelona. The man reportedly claimed that the 31-year-old PSG player had “broken his life” and that he planned revenge.

Though the police were yet to confirm the anonymous call and the man behind it, speculations in France claimed that the man behind the call was Eric Abidal.

Hence, Eric Abidal and his wife are expected in the Parisian police department to answer questions over the attack on the PSG player.

Abidal and his wife have been married since 2003. The former Algerian gymnast stayed with the French footballer throughout the period he was battling with a tumor in his liver between 2011 and 2012.

The union between Abidal and Hayet is blessed with five children – Méliana, Canélia, Leyna, Kenya, and Edan.

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    I pray for quick resolution of this case, because involving people who may be innocent can be emotionally consuming,no one is talking about Aminata innocence the way they made comments when she was reported as a primary suspect.That’s why it’s good to stay away from dirt,if she doesn’t have skeleton in her cupboard by having adulterous sex,it would have reduced the number of suspect.I pray for her safety and I also pray God throws more light to the issue and justice prevails.

  • Ibrahim John 1 year ago

    Just one word one advice ‘fear woman’

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