Aminata Diallo, the PSG player who allegedly attacked her team-mate Kheira Hamraoui has been released with no charges


Aminata Diallo, the Paris Saint Germain midfielder who allegedly sent two men to assault her team-mate Kheira Hamraoui has been released from police custody with no charges.

The 26-year-old French footballer was arrested on Wednesday, November 11, 2021, a week after two thugs beat up Kheira Hamraoui.

The incident which happened on November 4, took place when Diallo and Hamraoui were returning from PSG’s female team dinner. Diallo drove Hamraoui from the venue of the dinner to their residents.

While they were at the car park, the two thugs came, dragged Hamraoui out of the car, beat her up focusing on her legs and hands.

The French female international was so beaten that she ended up at the hospital where her injured legs and hands were treated.

Aminata Diallo.

After the incident, Aminata Diallo became the prime suspect because Hamraoui and her play the same position for both club and country. Unfortunately for Diallo, Hamraoui was always selected ahead of her.

Hence, the attack on Hamraoui was seen as a bitter rivalry gone bad especially because the thugs did not touch Diallo throughout the attack even though she was at the scene of the incident.

To make matters worst, Diallo played in place of Hamraoui on November 9 during a UEFA Champions League game between PSG and Real Madrid. The fact that she finally got the chance to start ahead of Hamraoui made her a bigger suspect.

Even though she has been released from police custody with no charges, the police will continue to investigate the incident.

A statement from PSG read: “Paris Saint-Germain notes the release of Aminata Diallo from police custody,” PSG said in a statement. “The club continues to support its players to allow them to overcome this ordeal as soon as possible.

“Paris Saint-Germain reiterates its confidence in the justice system to shed full light on the events.

“The club would like to thank everyone for showing restraint and respecting the presumption of innocence as well as the privacy of the team.”

Aminata Diallo says she is innocent

Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui
File photo of Aminata Diallo and Kheira Hamraoui.

Meanwhile, after she was released from police custody, Aminata Diallo, through her lawyer, Mourad Battikh, insisted that she did not have a hand in the attack on Kheira Hamraoui.

Diallo’s lawyer said the “artificial” staging of the rivalry between her and her team-mate was not a true reflection of the relationship that existed between the two French players.

“[We denounce the] totally artificial suggestion of a rivalry between her and Mrs. Kheira Hamraoui that would explain why she would target her team-mate,” read a statement from Diallo’s lawyers.

“This theory does not reflect at all the reality of their relationship.

“[We also condemn the] media speculation which has already condemned her, without justification, and she will not hesitate to launch legal action if necessary against any defamation.”


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