Enzo Jeremais Fernandez, the swashbuckling gold of Chelsea with magnificent traits

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With time creeping into the late hour of the winter transfer window, Chelsea snapped up the tricky, energetic, quick-thinking youngster, Enzo Jeremais Fernandez from the seemingly unwavering hands of SL Benfica.

Enzo Jeremais Fernandes joined the blues from Benfica in a £106.8m British-record transfer deal. The 22-year-old put pen to paper on a eight-and-a-half-year deal at Stamford Bridge. 

Enzo Jeremais Fernandez dawning the colours of Benfica

Chelsea were dogged in their hunt for Enzo Jeremais Fernandez and they captured their man before the closing hour but Benfica certainly milked a fat sum for a man they got for around £10m a few months back.

Chelsea are set to pay £30m as initial pay first to the Portuguese Club, SL Benfica with additional payments to be made five different times more.

Enzo Jeremais Fernandez, a man born in Buenos Aires would pocket home a whooping £315,000 wage per week after joining the blues and based on that wage, the Argentine would become the eight highest paid player in the Premier League. 

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The man who won the Young Player Award of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is set to take the world by storm and direct the course of Chelsea’s future into glorious light. 

Enzo Fernandez standards:

The youngster is always a delight to watch as he has carved out a niche for himself on the football pitch owning the role of being a stumbling block to oppositions attack.

In the UEFA Champions League, only a little number of four midfielders have made more tackles than the Argentine trojan.

Enzo Jeremais Fernandez with Argentina

His ability to read the game cannot be underestimated alongside being a deep line playmaker with panache and class. Enzo Jeremais Fernandez has a magnificent aura that distinguishes him from his peers with his ability to move the ball quickly into dangerous areas telepathically.

Enzo Jeremais Fernandes leads the Primera Liga this season for the player with the most successful passes, a staggering 1,431 successful passes.

The young vibrant magician is a tough nut to crack for opponents as he is a clean and sweet dribbler. Little wonder, Enzo Jeremais Fernandez took home the award of the Young Best Player of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

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He has a huge career ahead of him and definitely fans of the blues are banking on the genius of the man, Enzo Jeremais Fernandez as the orchestrator to their pathway to future successes. 

His charisma on the football pitch coupled with how fast he has blossomed into the scene is shocking for the world to see how quick this man came to the European footballing world and has owned his own with scintillating performances and jaw dropping performances on a regular. 

He also has a super imposing figure that one might be tempted to think he is a player already into his mid 20s. He is strong and very physical in addition to his leadership abilities. 

The youngster is simply a gem of a player and Chelsea fans can’t wait to enjoy the artistry of a man who is definitely one of a kind. 

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