English Premier League clubs reject £15 million proposed offer from Netflix


Movie streaming platform, Netflix, have had a £15 million proposal to film a drive to Survive-style Premier League documentary series declined by top-flight teams. 

Clubs in the English Premier League were met by Box to Box films – the film organization who are the brain behind the banging Formula 1 Netflix show earlier this campaign. After a series of negotiations which lasted for months, both parties were unable to reach an agreement. 

Based on information from The Times, a three-year contract valued at £5m-a season was put forward by Netflix. 

Netflix proposed a £15 million deal to Premier League clubs
Netflix proposed a £15 million deal to Premier League clubs

But teams in the Premier League have considered the deal as too meagre an amount and have now thrown plans for a behind-the-scenes series into the garbage.

What Netflix plan on doing

It has been stated that the move would have witnessed between 6 – 8 teams give camera entry to interviews with coaches, players and directors in addition to entry into the dressing room. 

However, reports claimed that teams were worried that accepting the Netflix deal might have an impact on the next campaign’s domestic TV rights allocations. 

That is if Broadcast partners such as Sky Sports and BT Sport thought they had allowed too much room to the steaming giant. 

The initiative by Netflix was expected to be a significant point of difference from the “All or Nothing” style which focuses primarily on just a team at a period of time. 

It is thought that push back from Sky is seen as one of the primary reasons for the refusal. The streaming giant has never held Premier League rights, while Sky has it since the beginning of the league. 

According to reports, there has been a notion that Sky weren’t at ease with Netflix bringing on board a new style that could push Premier League audience to its own brand. 

Netflix plans to go fully into the market for Premier League rights in the next few years
Netflix plans to go fully into the market for Premier League rights in the next few years

Apple want to acquire rights for the Premier League in the next few years

Speculations have continue to hover around that Apple is prepared to go into the market in order to acquire Premier League broadcast rights for the 2025/26 league campaign. 

Football enthusiasts should anticipate many off-pitch initiatives to be put forward as streaming platforms look for avenues to squeeze the juice they can squeeze out of any rights packages they do eventually gain control over in EPL. 

The 20 teams in the Premier League made the decision not to accept Netflix offer at a shareholders gathering in the Capital of England, London. 

The meeting was held on Thursday at which they conversed on topical matters around football alongside a refined version of the rules governing who can acquire a Premier League team.

This initiative by Netflix was proposed to the teams in September 2022. If it was accepted, it would have ran like the Formula One series which is currently in its fifth season.


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