El Trafico Match is a match to watch… here are other teams to watch in the MLS League

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Today is another game day, the Major League soccer fans and players are ready, and here are the teams and games to watch for the day.

The rivalry between LA Galaxy and LA FC continues today, both teams will meet today in Los Angeles.

This is the 5th year of the rivalry between LA Galaxy and LAFC, Carlos Vela will lead LAFC while Javier Chicharito Hernandez will lead LA Galaxy.  Both LAFC and LA Galaxy are in the Wester conference on the MLS Soccer League Table.

LAFC is number 1 on the MLS League table with 13 points as of today April 9th, 2022, with 4 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie, while LA Galaxy is number 3, with 9 points, 3 wins, 2 losses, and 0 ties. 

“I have to acknowledge my bias here,” LAFC co-president and GM John Thorrington told MLSsoccer.com, “but I think this is the greatest rivalry the league has ever had.”

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“The one thing in games like this, you don’t have to motivate guys,” Galaxy head coach Greg Vanney said.

“There have been rivalries, and we have them as well, that on-field rivalries that sort of trickle into the stands. It’s nothing like we have here [in El Trafico],” Thorrington said. “I talk about games of consequence, and those consequences can vary, but this is always a game of consequence. No matter what the form, everybody focuses on the build-up and the 90 minutes. There have been remarkable storylines that couldn’t have been scripted, with moments both painful for us and exhilarating.”

“What does LAFC mean to Los Angeles, our city, our supporters? It’s passion,” Thorrington said. “You see it every game. Anyone who attends our games from anywhere, the passion they see from our supporters, is second to none. That level of emotion and passion is heightened in these matches. Our players know that. Our players know the importance of that. Our staff knows it. We know it. I’m absolutely certain our players will give everything.”

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The game will be historic and it will be a bragging right win for whichever team wins.

Houston Dynamo v San Jose match preview

Another game that’s worth watching today is the Houston Dynamo v San Jose, The dynamo are number 7 on the League table while San Jose is at the bottom of the league table. A big advantage for Houston Dynamo to take the 3 points in today’s game. They are the favorite to win and they are in a good position to get the job done at home in Houston.

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