Drake Hangs up on Internet Sensation iShowSpeed After Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi Debate


    Grammy winning and record breaking musician Drake ended a hilarious call on Internet sensation iShowSpeed after the call went south while streaming.

    Initially, Drake was happy to be present for the iShowSpeed live stream on February 15, 2023 but that didn’t last for too long.

    iShowSpeed is a fast-growing Internet sensation who got famous with his love for Cristiano Ronaldo and for his famous barking.


    The American youtuber had also hosted big players like the Canadian Alphonso Davies and the Portuguese Rafael Leao. Currently, he is one of the biggest streamers on YouTube

    He was so happy after Drake picked up his call via Instagram, with Drake saying he is proud of what iShowSpeed is doing. Even the his viewers were stunned to see Drake pick up the youtuber’s call.

    However, the conversation went sour when they started discussing who was the better footballer between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


    Drake chose Ronaldo ahead of Messi and claimed he had always been a fan of the player, and he is just like iShowSpeed, who has been supporting the player.

    However, Drake stated that Lionel Messi is currently on top probably because Messi recently won the World Cup in Qatar on December 18, 2022, with Argentina.

    Afterward, Drake ended the call after receiving different compliments from iShowSpeed about how sexy Drake’s voice is. The musician didn’t reply and went offline.

    However, the Youtuber reacted by hitting the table hard and was going rough after Drake went off because he knew that he would never hear from the hip-hop musician again.

    However, that was not the first time a celebrity will be hanging up on iShowSpeed. MrBeast is the individual with the most successful YouTube channel as of today; he hung up on iShowSpeed due to his hilarious behavior.

    Ronaldo And Messi Debate And Who is the Greatest of All Time

    The Paris Saint-Germain German creative midfielder has completed his football career by winning the World Cup, and he is ahead of his longtime rival Ronaldo. However, in terms of goal scoring statistics, Ronaldo remains on top of his game.

    Fans have been divided for a long time on who is the greatest player, and we have seen people list out the criteria they consider when talking about who the greatest is.

    Even great managers have taken Messi ahead of Ronaldo, and some would love to have Ronaldo in their team. However, age is catching up with both players, and they are likely to retire very soon.

    Both players had been consistent since 2008 and won every available trophy. Ronaldo now plays for Al Nassr, and he already has five goals in three matches.

    Messi on the other hand is looking forward to helping his team qualify for the next round of the Champions League after falling behind against Bayern Munich 


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