IShowSpeed of YouTube Flies To Old Trafford To Watch Cristiano Ronaldo In Carabao Cup But Erik Ten Hag Benched Him

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IShowSpeed, a YouTuber, was left red-faced after coming all the way from America to see his idol Cristiano Ronaldo… only to find out that the Manchester United star was unable to play against Aston Villa.

IShowSpeed of YouTube Flies To Old Trafford To Watch Cristiano Ronaldo In Carabao Cup But Erik Ten Hag Benched Him

The internet celebrity, who calls the Portuguese attacker his “hero,” is a self-described mega-fan, and he would have been ecstatic to watch his “hero” play live.

Even the 17-year-own old’s song, Ronaldo [Sewey], an ode to the former Real Madrid great, has been released.

To Ronaldo’s dismay, he was not even on the substitutes’ bench for the Red Devils’ Carabao Cup match against Aston Villa.

He tweeted the following after hearing the news: “I’m crying right now I flew all the way to Manchester to see Ronaldo and he is not playing.”

Ahead of the game, the coach of Manchester United, Erik ten Hag had said Ronaldo would miss the game due to an illness.

Ten Hag stated to MUTV: “Jadon [Sancho] ill, Cristiano [Ronaldo] ill, and Antony injured.”

It won’t likely have an impact on the 37-year-old’s World Cup spot, though, as this will be his fifth international competition with Portugal.

Since Ten Hag’s hiring, Ronaldo has had difficulty getting regular playing time as the manager has tried to implement a new style of play.

The attacker has fluctuated in and out of the starting lineup as the Dutchman looks for his ideal group.

Last weekend, he did participate in a game, but the outcome was not what he had hoped for as Manchester United lost to Aston Villa 3-1.

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The future of Ronaldo at Old Trafford has recently been uncertain as he reportedly tried to leave the team.

Most recently, he said in his biography that he “could see himself” playing for PSG of Ligue 1.

Why Did Ronaldo Miss The Match?

Cristiano Ronaldo missed Manchester United’s Carabao Cup match against Aston Villa due to illness, according to Erik Ten Hag.

IShowSpeed of YouTube Flies To Old Trafford To Watch Cristiano Ronaldo In Carabao Cup But Erik Ten Hag Benched Him

Additionally, he urged his team to exact retribution against Aston Villa for what had transpired in the Premier League, which the Reds eventually did with a thrilling 4-2 victory.

Who is IShowSpeed?

The true person behind the IShowSpeed YouTube channel is Darren Watkins Jr.

During the pandemic, he began making videos on gaming and certain aspects of his daily life without understanding that his channel would amass millions of views and subscribers.

Darren Watkins Jr., best known online as IShowSpeed (or just Speed, or Speedy), was born on January 21, 2005, when he was 17 years old. He is an American YouTube gamer, soccer player, hip-hop artist, and variety live-streamer who resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Darren has always had a fascination for video games, and in 2018 while still in high school, he posted his first video on YouTube, which was an NBA 2K18 clip.

He had a sluggish start in his early days as a YouTuber, but as of right present, his channel has more than 12.3 million subscribers.

Darren, who enjoys playing football as well, is currently a sophomore in high school.

Watkins frequently discussed his opinions on attending school in his videos, stressing that attending school is a waste of time.

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He even decided to drop out of school in order to devote all of his time to his now-successful YouTube channel for this reason.

Other social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and others have made Darren well-known.

On Instagram, he has 2.4 million followers, and on TikTok, he has 6.2 million. His videos on TikTok have received 25.4 million likes to date.

Watkins is well-known for his live streams, and he has engaged in contentious joint ventures with numerous other well-known Twitch streamers, including Adin Ross.

How Did IShowSpeed Come About?

When Darren started his YouTube channel in 2016, he didn’t upload any videos and wasn’t thinking about making a living off of it.

He uploaded the footage to NBA 2K18 in 2018, however it did not perform well at the time. He was disappointed by this. Darren was certain about his studies, though.

IShowSpeed of YouTube Flies To Old Trafford To Watch Cristiano Ronaldo In Carabao Cup But Erik Ten Hag Benched Him

He considered trade school while keeping his attention on football. Darren used to deliver food to elderly people while working for a nursing home before deciding to pursue live streaming as a career.

His friend inspired him to post videos on YouTube about the things he enjoys. Darren had the opportunity to begin his YouTube career during the pandemic.

He posted NBA 2K20 and 2K21-related videos in April 2020, which helped him increase his viewership.

He played games like Fortnite, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and others while doing live streams in order to stay in the YouTube business.

Darren had over 100k members by the middle of 2020, and over time, he became into an internet phenomenon.

In order to attract more attention from the audience, Darren also released his album under the moniker “What Else IShowSpeed.”

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His song, Shake, generated controversy due to its offensive lyrics. Darren also encountered controversy during the time he worked with Adin on a live webcast.

He made misogynistic remarks and singled out Ash Kaash during the live stream. As a result of breaking the rules and policies, he was banned from Twitch.

His attention is on growing his YouTube following and selecting songs so that he can win the viewers’ love and support. Darren gained millions of fans in just two years because to his interesting material and live streaming.

Additionally, he promotes various clothing trends and offers them for sale at reasonable prices to make it simple for people to purchase them.

IShowSpeed’s Net Worth

Darren’s YouTube ad revenue, which is rather outstanding, is his main source of income. Between $500,000 and $1 million is IShowSpeed’s projected net worth as of 2022. Paid advertisements, TikTok, and merchandise are a some of Darren’s additional money streams. He has amassed fortune as a result of sales of his album and contributions from viewers of his live feeds.

Personal Life

Since Darren hasn’t shared anything about his family, all details have been kept a secret. 

Darren struggled to get his parents to comprehend what he would accomplish as a YouTuber, and when he reached 100k subscribers on YouTube, his mother’s chilly response infuriated him.

IShowSpeed of YouTube Flies To Old Trafford To Watch Cristiano Ronaldo In Carabao Cup But Erik Ten Hag Benched Him

Darren is reportedly single, but there have been speculations that he is dating Ermony Renee. On his YouTube account, he recently shared a video in which he described how his fiancée left him and had an affair with someone else.

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