Darwin Nunez: Where does the Liverpool striker rank among other Premier League Strikers

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Darwin Nunez was announced as a Liverpool player last month after the club reached an agreement with Benfica for a club record sum.

Liverpool new signing

Following the club’s agreement with Benfica to pay a club-record sum, Darwin Nunez was introduced as a Liverpool player last month.

Since many people don’t know what to anticipate from the Uruguayan, LFC Transfer Room has looked at comparable players in the Premier League.

It’s important to keep in mind that Nunez’s statistics are from the previous year, when he competed in the Primeira Liga.

Using photos from Twenty3Sport, we will compare the new Liverpool forward to other strikers in the Premier League to determine where he stands.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Except for four statistics—shots attempted, aerial duels attempted, aerial duels won, and anticipated goals—Nunez outperformed Ronaldo (XG).

Darwin: Where does the Liverpool striker rank among other Premier League Strikers

Although it’s true that Manchester United’s No. 7 wasn’t at his best last season by any means, this emphasizes his strengths even more.

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The fact that Nunez scored more goals despite Ronaldo having a higher XG indicates that the Uruguayan international is more proficient at scoring when given the opportunity.

Harry Kane

Except for aerial duels attempted and won, Nunez outperformed Kane in most categories, which is unexpected given how powerful the 23-year-old is in the air.

Kane also led the league in attempts per game. He outperformed Liverpool’s No. 27 in terms of assists as well (by 0.2).

Harry Kane v Nunez

Jamie Vardy

Vardy is essentially outmatched by Nunez in all areas except for aerial play. To be honest, the Englishman slowed considerably during the previous term because he is now 35 years old.

The fact that Nunez outnumbers such a productive striker like him is nevertheless interesting.

The new player from Merseyside completes 2.0 more dribbles and receives 0.2 more assists per game.

Jamie Vardy v Nunez

Gabriel Jesus

Jesus outperforms Nunez in terms of playmaking and assists. The latest Arsenal addition, though, is inferior to him in every other way other from that.

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The Brazilian shares a lot of similarities with Nunez. Overall, though, it makes a strong argument for The Reds moving forward.

Overall, it is evident that Nunez is in a class of his own. It appears a little bit more equitable, though, when you realize that the Premier League is the greatest in the world.

Darwin v Gabriel jesus

But given the young Portuguese’s recent performance in both preseason training and games against Manchester United and other clubs, we might have to wait until the season is well underway to declare the kid a full-fledged striker.

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