Dani Alves Shares Prison Cell With Inmate Named Countinho


    Dani Alves, a former defender for Barcelona and Sevilla, is still making headlines in Spain as a constant stream of information leaks to the media.

    Dani Alves Shares Prison Cell With Inmate Named Countinho

    The right back has been detained without bond pending the outcome of his trial after being charged with sexual assault in connection with an incident that happened on December 30.

    Alves has received support from several members of his family, including his brother Ney, who called everything a conspiracy.

    The media has also been supplied frequent updates about the situation.

    According to the victim’s attorney, who was mentioned, the woman is having anti-trauma therapy and has also been prescribed sleeping drugs.

    Alves was transferred to a separate, smaller prison in the vicinity of Barcelona during this time due to concerns for his safety and well-being.

    El Periodico claims that there is genuine concern about his mental state, and as a result, he is being closely watched.

    Additionally, according to their knowledge, Alves is incarcerated with another Brazilian named Coutinho, who is interestingly named after his old Barcelona teammate.

    The trial’s start date has not yet been determined. Sandro Rosell, the former president of Barcelona, was an example of how preventative detention may endure for years; he was incarcerated for two and a half years while his case was pending.

    What Happened To Dani Alves?

    Dani Alves was found guilty of raping a lady in a Spanish disco and was given a prison term without the option of bail.

    Authorities claim that the event took place on December 31 inside a nightclub in Barcelona.

    Dani Alves Shares Prison Cell With Inmate Named Countinho

    According to a popular internet video, police cars were seen driving up to the court to pick up the football player and take him to jail.

    The term “sexual abuse” in Spain can be used to describe anything from unwelcome groping to rape. Police claimed that they were unable to offer any other details on the incident.

    Earlier this year, we reported that Dani Alves was the focus of a police investigation in Barcelona about an alleged sexual assault that allegedly occurred with the renowned Brazilian athlete in a nightclub.

    According to information provided to Futballnews, reputable Spanish daily ABC did identify the defender as the man the alleged victim of a sex crime on the scene characterized as the offender.

    According to reports, the 39-year-old right-back, a former Barcelona player who in November represented Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar, denied any wrongdoing initially.

    The alleged sexual assault took place at Sutton, a well-known nightclub in the heart of Barcelona that attracts well-known people from around the globe.

    Alves’ Brother Defends Him

    Ney Alves, the football player’s brother, has spoken out in support of Dani Alves and has discussed his brother’s detention and incarceration in Brians 2 prison without bail.

    The 39-year-old ex-player for Barcelona is charged with sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

    “My brother fell into a trap,” Ney Alves explained to journalist Alex Alvarez on the program ‘Espejo Publico’ hosted by Susanna Griso.

    “My family is not going to give up.”

    “My brother has an unblemished career all over the world and this mess he’s gotten himself into is sinking his career.”

    Dani Alves Shares Prison Cell With Inmate Named Countinho

    “We will definitely do everything possible to get my brother out of this demonic conspiracy that he got himself into.

    “We are suffering a lot with all this, we are in a game of chess.

    “I see dubious things that are not being done well. My parents and I want to travel to Spain.”


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