Dani Alves Mother Lucia Alves Broke Down In Tears As He Remains In Prison Over Sexual Assault


    Dani Alves’ mother broke down in tears as the former Barcelona right back continues to remain in prison for an alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old woman in the bathroom at Sutton Night Club.

    Dani Alves

    Alves is still waiting for the legal proceedings against him. Only one piece of evidence needs to be analyzed before the investigation is closed and a trial date is set.

    Dani Alves

    This is due to the psychological health of the victim.

    However, after the chaos involving Alves and his former wife, Joana Sanz, the player’s mother, Lucia Alves, is now emotionally involved in the case. She took to her Instagram account to express her feelings.

    After the former Barcelona player was taken to prison, Lucia Alves has been posting pictures of Dani Alves on Instagram occasionally, with the caption, “My family is my life; I love them infinity.”

    She stated she knows Dani Alves is in prison over the sexual assault allegation, but she knows it is beyond anyone’s control and God can unite them very soon.

    Dani Alves

    Lucia Alves knows that Dani Alves has bothered a lot of people to the extent that traitors want to take him away from her.

    She continued saying, “God’s faith cannot be taken from her, and she
    remains strong.”

    In her latest Instagram post, she shared a Bible verse. She posted Daniel 6:27 as she hopes God delivers Daniel Alves from the current issue he is facing.

    Dani Alves

    Dani Alves could be sentenced to 12 years in prison if he is found guilty of the allegations. He was arrested when he was returning from Brazil to Spain on January 20, 2023.

    He has been in jailed, and the security agencies have stopped him from getting bail.

    Alves denied all wrongdoing and claimed he was the victim when the incident occurred in the bathroom.

    Joana Sanz Released a Statement After Her Divorce with Dani Alves.

    Joana Sanz released a statement on Instagram with a diary containing the written statement.

    She claimed she would choose a life partner who would be perfect.

    Dani Alves has always supported her and has been around anytime she is in need. Joana continued with the statement, stating that Dani Alves had broken her into thousands of pieces.

    She would continue to love him and appreciate him whenever needed, she said. Joana has closed the love chapter with Alves that started on May 18, 2015.

    Alves is the most decorated player in the history of football, with more than 43 trophies.

    The player closest to him is Lionel Messi, with 42 trophies. Alves is currently without a club after the UNAM Pumas tore his contract due to the ongoing legal battle.

    The Mexican club is also planning on suing the player for millions of dollars for allegedly committing an offence that led to the termination of his contract. If he gets out of his current predicament, he is likely to visit the court again for another case.

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