Cristiano Ronaldo Sends Relief Materials To Earthquake Victims in Turkey And Syria

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Cristiano Ronaldo has sent relief materials to victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria as he looks forward to helping those he can.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The 38-year-old Portuguese star sent tents, food packages, pillows, and blankets for those who are homeless, as well as beds, baby foods, milk, and other necessary materials to help victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquakes.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been deeply affected by the devastating effects the earthquake had on the people, with a high record death rate of more than 52,000 people.

He is also saddened by the negative impact the disaster has on the people as their movement and businesses have been heavily limited all over the country, thanks to the disaster.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In terms of providing humanitarian service to people, Cristiano Ronaldo is top-notch.

The Portuguese skipper offered financial aid to people that were affected by the wildfire in Madeira on August 11, 2016.

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He once paid for a child’s brain surgery worth around $83,000 and also paid $165,000 for a cancer center in Portugal.

Also during the coronavirus pandemic, Ronaldo donated £1 million to a hospital in Portugal.

Apart from being a footballer, the Al Nassr striker had always shown his good side as a human.

However, Ronaldo decided to help Syria and Turkey after seeing a clip of a 10-year-old boy. In the emotional video, the boy who lost his father in the devasting earthquake said he would love to meet Ronaldo.

He was eventually invited to watch Al Nassr and Ronaldo play in Saudi Arabia.

The 10-year-old boy, whose name is Nabil Saeed, came with his mother to Marsool Park Stadium in Saudi Arabia. Afterward, he had a lifetime opportunity to meet with Ronaldo.

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Saeed emotionally hugged Ronaldo and did the Ronaldo iconic celebration in his hero’s presence.

The earthquake killed even big-name players, including Ghanaian winger Christian Atsu, who was found dead a few weeks after the incident.

The Premier League donated £1 million for humanitarian service. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which brought in Ronaldo after Manchester United terminated his contract, sent its rescue team and financial aid to the people.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Performance So Far in Al Nassr

Since joining the Saudi Arabia giants, Ronaldo has been in a top form. For the month of February, he won the Roshni Saudi League Player of the Month award.

Ronaldo celebrated his 500th career goal after Al Nassr’s 4-0 win against Al Wehda, where he scored all four goals.

After a frustrating start to his career as an Al Nassr player, the Portuguese star is getting his foot stamped on Saudi Arabian soil.

His consistency had never been in doubt, and winning matches had always been everything he wanted as a player.

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