Cristiano Ronaldo Might Make An Emotional Return To Boyhood Club Sporting Lisbon To Play With His Son – His Mom Dolores Says

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Cristiano Ronaldo looking to make a return to boyhood club Sporting Lisbon to play with his 12-year-old son next summer according to the star’s Mother, Dolores Aveiro.

Cristiano Ronaldo Might Make An Emotional Return To Boyhood Club Sporting Lisbon To Play With His Son - Stars Mother

It would be “a dream come true,” according to Dolores Aveiro, to see Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. play alongside his father who is currently out-of-favor at Manchester United.

Dolores stated to a Portuguese publication: “Cristiano must return here. If it were up to me, he would already be back.

“I already told him: ‘Son, before I die I want to see you playing for Sporting again.

“It didn’t happen this year but perhaps it will next year.

“But if it’s not him it will be Cristianinho. He plays better than his father at his age.”

“When he was 12 Cristiano didn’t have a trainer but today he’s his son’s teacher.”

The 67-year-old Madeira-based matriarch told Nova Gente in an interview that Man United youth member Cristianinho was a “certain” future Sporting acquisition. “He’s already stated, Dad when we move to live in Lisbon I want to play for Sporting,” she claimed.

“Seeing the two of them playing together at the club would be my dream.”

Dolores, a supporter of Sporting Lisbon, has been open about her wish to see her 37-year-old son rejoin the Portuguese first division team he abandoned as a teenager in order to develop into an Old Trafford star during his first stint at the Premier League team.

At the end of the previous year, Dolores succeeded in moving a Sporting Lisbon gift to the top of her son’s gift-filled Christmas tree.

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Sharp-eyed Sporting fans praised her ability after a green bag bearing the club’s initials took center stage in a picture the footballer and his family shared on Instagram to wish their millions of followers a “Merry Christmas.”

The mother of four was one of the family members who posted the identical photo on social media.

In September of last year, Dolores said on the Sporting Lisbon podcast ADN de Leao that she had urged her player son to rejoin the team where he started his professional career before joining Manchester United in 2003 at the age of just 18.

Two months later, she slyly shared a picture of herself enjoying Sporting Lisbon’s Champions League victory over Borussia Dortmund with the caption, “Only you needed,” in an apparent dig at the Man United striker.

Despite the fact that his two-year contract doesn’t expire until the end of the current campaign, Cristiano has decided to stay at Old Trafford until at least January after his failed attempts to depart and secure Champions League football this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo Might Make An Emotional Return To Boyhood Club Sporting Lisbon To Play With His Son - Stars Mother

At the height of the rumors surrounding his future over the summer, he is claimed to have looked into the possibility of moving to Sporting Lisbon.

In the meantime, Cristiano Jr. is thriving in United’s program.

Videos of the boy scoring an incredible free kick have surfaced. While in training, he has also destroyed opponents.

Will Ronaldo join Sporting Lisbon?

According to reports, Cristiano Ronaldo has reaffirmed to Manchester United executives his wish to join another club in the last summer transfer window.

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In an article, it was stated that Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, was “working to establish exit routes from Old Trafford, and we understand talks have been held with Sporting Lisbon,” Ronaldo’s former team, which finished second in Portugal’s Primeira Liga last season and will participate in the Champions League this year.

However, a move to the club was not be feasible because finding the money for such a move, including paying his hefty wages, was difficult. Aside from that, Sporting Lisbon head coach Ruben Amorim reportedly had doubts about integrating Ronaldo into his squad given the significant dynamic shift the 37-year-old would unavoidably bring about.

Furthermore, according to that report, Manchester United executives were not interested in offloading Ronaldo during the transfer window.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., who is named after the current Manchester United star, was born in San Diego, California, in June 2010. While Ronaldo has stated that he will tell his son the truth when he is old enough, his mother’s identity has never been made public and will do so going forward following a settlement between the boy’s surrogate mother and the 37-year-old footballer.

It is thought that Ronaldo has sole custody of his doppelganger child, who he has raised admirably with the assistance of his own mother, Dolores.

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He is known as “Cristianinho” in the family, which is short for “Little Cristiano,” which accurately describes him in terms of both appearance and football ability. The father and son have a very tight bond.

Cristiano Jr., one of five children, spent nearly seven years as an only child before twins Eva and Mateo were born to a surrogate mother in June 2017 and November 2017, respectively. On April 18, 2022, Ronaldo’s lover, Georgina Rodríguez, gave birth to a boy and a girl, however the boy tragically passed away in labor. She is also the mother of Ronaldo’s second daughter Alana Martina.

The question of whether Cristiano Jr. will play football like his father has generated a lot of discussion, but he has demonstrated in recent years that he is well on the way to doing so. After joining the team earlier this year, Cristiano Jr. is currently playing for the Manchester United under-12s.

Cristiano Ronaldo Might Make An Emotional Return To Boyhood Club Sporting Lisbon To Play With His Son - Stars Mother

However, when Ronaldo was still at Juventus, his kid began competing for the team’s youth teams. Videos of him scoring a hat trick went viral as he shown flashes of the talent he already had as well as the similarities between his style of play and that of his famous father.

His father disclosed the following while the family was still residing in Turin: “I hope that Cris, my son, can be like his dad. He says he is going to be better [than me], but I think it’s difficult. He is playing for Juventus and adapting really well, it has been easier for him than for me.”

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