Cristiano Ronaldo confirms that he is not going to QUIT Manchester United ahead of 2022/2023 season


    Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to commit his future to Manchester United by stating that he is glad to be at the club as he prepared for life under new manager Erik ten Hag.

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    Last summer, the Portugal international returned to the Premier League club but had a difficult season as the Red Devils struggled to reach sixth on the final day of the season.

    Despite the club’s recent troubles, the 37-year-old is positive about the club’s future under Ten Hag, but insists that ‘things need to change.’

    In an interview with the club, Ronaldo said: ‘I was happy of course to be back at a club that really raised my career. As a result, it was incredible.

    ‘The feeling when I (came) back again, it was nice to feel the supporters. They appear to be quite happy.

    ‘I was – and still am – very happy to be here.’

    Ronaldo concluded the Premier League season as United’s top scorer with 18 goals despite the Red Devils missing out on Champions League football but insisted he was still eager for the next season.

    The striker also stated that he still believes in this team, adding that they will return to ‘where they belong.’

    ‘I believe that Manchester will be where they belong,’ he said. ‘As I say before, sometimes it takes time but I still believe.

    ‘The records are coming in a natural way. I don’t follow the records but the records follow me. So it’s good.

    Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo appeared to commit his future to Old Trafford

    ‘It’s still my motivation to carry on. Just working hard. I still love the passion for the game. And of course, Manchester and my team-mates helped me all the way so I have to appreciate all the people who help Cristiano.’

    It’s unclear when the video was shot, but it looks to be after Ten Hag was named the club’s new permanent manager, and Ronaldo stated that he is looking forward to working with him.

    He wished the former Ajax manager luck in his new role at Old Trafford, but cautioned supporters to give Ten Hag time to make adjustments.

    Cristiano Ronaldo said: ‘I know he [Ten Hag] did a fantastic job for Ajax and that he’s an experienced coach. But we must give him time and allow things to change in the way he desires.

    ‘I hope we have success of course. Because if you have success, all of Manchester are going to have success as well.

    ‘So I wish him the best. We are happy and excited – not only the players but the supporters as well.

    ‘I wish him the best and let’s hope that next year we’re going to win trophies.’

    Cristiano Ronaldo stated midway through the season that United’s younger players struggle to absorb criticism, implying that the youth do not listen to the advise of the more experienced players.

    Ronaldo, on the other hand, emphasized that he would continue to assist United’s younger players because he feels they represent the club’s future.

    ‘The new generation will be the future of the club. I’m in favour of giving opportunities to the young generation because they will be the future.

    The Portugal international warned fans they must give the new manager time to see changes

    ‘But you have to help them as well to put it in the right spot. Because the pressure is a lot to play in the Premier League, which I believe is the most difficult league in the world by far.

    ‘And you have to give him time. You have to give him of course the opportunity and let them grow in a normal way without pressure.

    ‘But I think we should give opportunities to the young generation of course.

    ‘They understand to achieve success you have to sacrifice, hard work, ethic of work, dedication.

    ‘But of course, if the kids ask me advice, I will give my opinion and advice because I want to help.’


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