Cristiano Ronaldo agrees with a fan that said Lionel Messi stole the Ballon d’Or award… CR7 commented ‘Factos” under the post


    With just a few days gone after Lionel Messi won his 7th Ballon d’Or award, the controversy continues and this time it involves Cristiano Ronaldo’s Factos (Fact)’ comment.

    A fan wrote a post and claimed that Lionel Messi stole the Ballon d’Or award and Cristiano commented that he agreed with the fan. He wrote ‘Factos’ below the post. Factos means fact in English and fans are now pushing the Ballon d’Or is a scam message.

    This is what the fan wrote,

    “He could fight for this award calmly and the fight would be good with Lewandowski who in individual numbers was incredible and Bayern had a better season than Juventus and has been having a calmer season than United, but at the national selection level… Cristiano was much better.

    “And who does the prize go to? For Messi, who only won the Copa del Rey by Barcelona, ​​he hasn’t scored a goal against Real Madrid since when Cristiano left, disappeared in the big games of the season, won the Copa America that was supposed to be every 4 years, and do practically every year. He didn’t score in the final or in the semifinal. And he’s been having a weak season with PSG individually.

    “For Cristiano to win this prize he has to be 300% unquestionable. It’s no use scoring the most beautiful bike of the year, being champion of everything by the club, top scorer of everything, and scoring a hat-trick in the World Cup, they still find a way to take his prize.

    “With Messi, it’s the other way around. He can do a low-key season, way below, they’ll always find a way to favor him and give him the prize. Theft. Dirt. Shame. Simply regrettable.

    “Regardless of these awards, CR7 will always be the best in history!”

    The fans’ Ig handle is Instagram user cr7.o_lendario.


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