Coronavirus: Football will never be the same, no €100m transfers – ex-Bayern president

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    images 2020 03 26T200421.111

    The effect of coronavirus on the world of football might be more devastating than we thought. Things will no longer remain the same when football finally resumes as some clubs already proposing cut pay for their players. With the present suspension on the world of football, clubs are running on lose with every day without football, ticketing, sponsoring, TV right and many more.

    Some economic critics have opined that some clubs will go bankrupt even before football resume if this present suspension should extend beyond April. Like many other critics who are passionate about the continuous existence of football clubs when the saga of the novel coronavirus has passed, former Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness believes football will be different following the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis.

    Uli Hoeness stated there will be no transfers that will be more than €100 million when football resumes. The Bundesliga league where Bayern Munich belongs is preparing for the economic impact of the virus. Bundesliga has been suspended for a couple of weeks now and it is not certain to resume until April, its resumption is still subject to review depending on the improvement of health conditions in Europe.

    Whereas the three main ways the German clubs generate income is through, ticketing, broadcasting and sponsoring, while ticketing and generates about 12.9 % of the total income. Sponsoring and broadcasting generate about 57.9 %, however, with the suspension on football, the figures are expected to drop drastically. Quoting the words of Uli Hoeness, he said: “It all stands and falls with the fact if we can play again this season,” Hoeness, who left his post as Bayern president in November, told kicker. “Games without fans still guarantee the distribution of TV income and if that happens there will not be any existential problems for the 2019-20 season.

    “But if we can’t play until Christmas — as the worst-case prognosis suggests — the entire league’s existence will be threatened.

    “The illness is like the plague. We must wait. Those who forecast the return of football are nothing but charlatans.”

    He opined that transfer fees like we witnessed in the past will not be the same anymore. The biggest transfer will probably be around €100 million, anything above that figure will be a thing of the past.

    “The transfer fees will drop and will not return to the current level in the next two, three years. All countries are affected. There will most likely be a new footballing world.”

    “The current situation is a threat, but also a chance to change the coordinates. You can’t dictate it, but transfer fees in excess of €100 million will be a thing of the past for the next few years.”

    Meanwhile, it is worthy to know that Borussia Dortmund club has proposed a pay cut for their players due to the coronavirus outbreak.


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