City Of Naples Was Under Attack As Two Rivals Collaborate Before Napoli UCL Match


    The city of Naples was under attack before the encounter involving Napoli against Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday as Police squared up against football hooligans. 

    Several cars were set on fire with Police officers also being attacked with information stating that fans of Frankfurt attempted to seize control of the city.

    Police officers in Napoli
    Police officers in Naples

    The Ultras of Frankfurt threw flares and chairs in battle with Police before the game and an Italian Journalist who goes by the name Tancredi Palmieri disclosed that Atalanta Ultras linked up with the German hooligans. 

    Videos surfaced online showing both sets of fans attacking police officers and in response 500 policemen were sent to the street with hooligans estimated to be about 300 causing trouble by throwing flares which resulted to violence. 

    A video showed police under attack with men in mask attacking and throwing chairs at Vans and officers who came to calm the atmosphere.

    There were also information of Eintracht Frankfurt’s team bus being attacked with nuclear explosives. 

    Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt Ultras clash
    Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt Ultras clash

    The battle between both Ultras occurred before the round of 16 second leg tie between SSC Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt. 

    Napoli defeated Frankfurt by 2-0 in Germany in the first leg of the tie and sealed the job in Naples, Italy courtesy of goals from high-flying forward Victor Osimhen alongside Zielinski to confirm passage to the quarter-final. 

    Authorities in Italy had firstly prohibited any individual from Germany from purchasing a ticket for the match due to security concerns. 

    Nevertheless, a legal plea ultimately gave room for those who were born or reside in Frankfurt to buy tickets for the Champions League clash. 

    Apprehension and injuries were noted at the first leg alongside violent disagreement between the two sets of fans. 

    500 policemen were sent to quench the brewing fire

    Based on information from Football Italia, 400 Frankfurt supporters came to Naples with some fans of Atalanta understood to have gone along with them after assisting in going round the embargo. 

    The assemblage are said to have journeyed by train to Bergamo, Salerno and Bari. 

    Napoli hooligans greeted the Ultras of Frankfurt as a video surface online showing flares being thrown at the Frankfurt bus. 

    The Italian club from Bergamo recently played against Napoli in an almost empty ground as the Ultras were barred from attending the game due to security issues.

    The Captain of Napoli appealed for fans not to be part of any violent behavior before the game against Frankfurt

    Giovanni Di Lorenzo, the Captain of Napoli, put out a video before the second leg of the encounter telling fans not to take part in any violent conduct. 

    Di Lorenzo said: β€œWe are having an exceptional season and tomorrow we can make Napoli history if we manage to reach the quarter-finals for the first time.

    β€œWe must all try to have a good day without disorder or quarrels with whoever arrives in the city. Not only at the stadium but in the streets, in the squares, everywhere.

    β€œAs your captain, I ask you not to fall into provocations. Let’s try to make tomorrow a day of celebration.

    β€œWe do not accept any provocation. Everyone in the stadium with serenity and joy.” 


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