Christian Eriksen of Denmark makes first public appearance after surviving a cardiac arrest


Christian Eriksen of Denmark has made his first public appearance since he survived a cardiac arrest while representing his country in the ongoing Euro 2020.

Recall that Christian Eriksen collapsed in the 43rd minute of Denmark’s Euro 2020 opener against Finland on June 12. It took the effort of the medical team at the stadium to resuscitate him before he was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

It was later confirmed that he suffered a cardiac arrest and it was announced that a device had to be installed in his heart to help prevent the reoccurrence of the health crisis.

Christian Eriksen was discharged days after but didn’t rejoin the Denmark national team who are still very much in the ongoing Euro 2020.

On Saturday before Denmark played the Czech Republic, a picture surfaced on Instagram showing the football star standing beside a Danish boy named Bjorn Bindzus. The 11-year-old boy shared the picture on his Instagram page.

His Instagram post attracted the attention of a Danish newspaper, BT. The boy told BT sport that he was nervous before he asked Christian Eriksen for the selfie.

The boy said: “I was nervous and completely speechless when I had to ask about the picture. But I’m proud that I did it and I’m very happy today.

“We were at a photoshoot for a commercial when I suddenly saw him while we were having lunch. So I waited to ask him until he had finished talking to his girlfriend. And he said yes right away.

“I didn’t see the incident against Finland, but he looked healthy. It was nice to see.

“I mostly watch football when the national team is playing, and here my favorite player is without a doubt, Christian Eriksen. I’m proud of myself that I have that image.”

Though Christian Eriksen is not officially married, he has been in a strong relationship with Sabrina Kvist Jensen. The two lovers don’t easily publicize their affairs on social media but hardly fail to announce the birth of their children.

Christian Eriksen and his lover, Sabrina Kvist Jensen

However, the name of their children are not in the public domain but it is confirmed that Christian Eriksen and Sabrina Kvist have two children – a boy and a girl.

The 29-year-old attacking midfielder still has three years contract with Inter Milan, hence, he is likely to return to Inter Milan when the team begins pre-season training later in the month.


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