Inter Milan finally break silence over the health of Christian Eriksen

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Inter Milan have finally broken their silence over the health condition of Christian Eriksen who collapsed on the pitch on June 12, 2021, during the Euro 2020 Group game between Denmark and Finland.

Recall that Christian Eriksen’s incident sparked wide reactions from different segments of the football world. It was later confirmed that he collapsed during the match because he suffered a cardiac arrest.

The footballer has been discharged since Friday after he successfully underwent surgery in which he got a heart-starting device (ICD) fitted in him.

Despite the wide reaction over the incident, his current club, Inter Milan did not make an official statement over it. The club kept quiet even though almost all football stakeholders in Europe had reacted to it.

Inter Milan finally break silence over the health of Christian Eriksen
Christian Eriksen.

On Saturday, June 19, Inter Milan shared on their verified Twitter page that their silence did not mean that the club was not affected by the incident involving their 29-year-old attacking midfielder.

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“Not once did we stop thinking about @ChrisEriksen8, all the while maintaining a respectful silence throughout this difficult and personal period”, the club tweeted on their verified page earlier today.

On the official site of Inter Milan, the club wrote lengthy content that have the feel of a piece of poetry dedicated to the Danish attacking midfielder.

Inter Milan wrote: “They weren’t normal days, those that we counted from Saturday, from those moments that seemed so long and without sense to us when all we wanted was for it to be a bad dream. Fortunately, we wake up from even the worst nightmares.

“In the respectful silence of these days, we have condensed all our thoughts, our prayers, even our sighs: Those of relief, for the photos and the updates coming from a place we didn’t know until a few days ago, the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

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“On Tuesday morning the best moment came: A photo, a smile, a thumbs up. And a liberating message: “Hello everyone, big thanks for your messages from all around the world. It means a lot to me and my family. I’m fine”.

“There you were, Christian Eriksen…”

“We have not stopped dedicating our thoughts to Christian, not even for a moment, silently respecting such a delicate and personal moment.

“At the same time, however, the expressions of affection were many, they were beautiful and natural…

“These are all moments that make up the strongest and most heartfelt embrace for Christian Eriksen.

“Forza Chris, Inter, and all the interesting are with you!”

Christian Eriksen and his contract with Inter Milan

Christian Eriksen joined Inter Milan on January 28, 2020, from Tottenham Hotspur for a transfer fee worth €27 million. His contract with Inter Milan will last until June 30, 2024.

There are speculations that the attacking midfielder might not be able to play again due to his heart issues. There are so reports that the regulations in Italy might not enable him to play in Italian Serie A again due to the device fitted in him.

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If these speculations are anything to go by, Inter Milan might have to payoff the attacking midfielder which means that his contract with Inter might be terminated.

However, at the time of publishing this report, there was no official statement from Inter Milan yet over the contract status of the 29-year-old attacking midfielder.

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