Christian Eriksen forced to leave Milan hotel over coronavirus outbreak as Inter star is put into isolation apartment

    images 2020 03 14T223756.689
    images 2020 03 14T223756.689

    Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Christian Eriksen has been forced to vacate a hotel in Inter Milan after the guesthouse he was lodged in was shut down due to coronavirus outbreak in the country. Expectedly, Eriksen has been placed in an apartment for his preventive care by Inter Milan following the outbreak of the deadly epidemic in Italy.

    Christian Eriksen left Tottenham earlier this year after spending seven seasons in Premier League, he completed his move to Inter Milan with about £20 million, he signed a four years deal with the Italian club, reasonably, his contract is expected to expire by 2024. Christian Eriksen had barely played six games for Inter Milan before the entire country was thrown into the chaos caused by the coronavirus. The virus has successfully put a temporary halt to every sports game in virtually all cities of the world. All major leagues in Europe have been suspended, while some are expected to resume on April 3, others are suspended till further notice. Away from Europe, MLS has postponed all the games in the American League until April 10th.

    See the list of suspended leagues below

    Meanwhile, the 28-year-old midfielder has not gotten an apartment in Milan since he moved to Italy so he resorted to staying in a hotel until he’s able to secure an apartment. The hotel was placed on lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak in the country, Eriksen vacated the hotel and went straight into a temporary apartment provided by Inter for the midfielder to complete his self-isolation period.

    The virus started in China back in December 2019, at that time, China was left alone to deal with the deadly disease. Unfortunately, the disease flew out of China and struck the continent of Europe, Italy has been by far suffered the goriest experience of the virus. Funnily, China has gone silent ever since the virus transported to Europe. Though the Chinese League has not commenced due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, however, for some days now, there has not been news of death toll or affected cases in China, does it mean that China has overcome the virus?


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