Check out Manchester United Potential Signing Marco Reus And His Sexy Model Wife Scarlett Gartmann


    Manchester United are set to sign Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus who will be accompanied to Old Trafford by his stunning model wife Scarlett Gartmann.

    Marco Reus

    Marco Reus could leave Dortmund where he has played for 11 years to join United on a free transfer in the summer after his agent Dirk Hebel had conversed with Erik ten Hag.

    United boss Ten Hag is said to be a big fan of the German and he is reportedly open to a Premier League move to Old Trafford this season.

    However, aside from Marco’s potential move to United which has stirred up elation among United fans, more attention has been whisked to his wife Scarlett, who was charged to court because of an Instagram post.

    Marcos’ wife, Scarlett Gartmann

    Marcos’ wife, Scarlett Gartmann was dragged to court after she was accused of using Instagram for advertising.

    Scarlett received a court order in 2017 after she had posted some of her pictures on her Instagram account.

    The 29-year-old German model displayed some photos showing expensive bags and wristwatches but did not indicate that those pictures were paid advertisements.

    The designer bags and jewelry said to have been posted on her Instagram page broke the laws in Germany.

    In Germany, it’s illegal for citizens to advertise products using their social media platforms without proper marking.

    And the most recent decision on social media advert by the Celle Higher Regional Court states that there needs to be clear notification in any social media post that it is, indeed, a paid advertisement.

    The product being advertised, for instance, could be marked as PROMOTION (Werbung) or ADVERTISING (Anzeige) either in the post or among the hashtags.

    Meanwhile, Scarlett’s case didn’t turn out to be a big deal since it was a meager breach as she just needed to make a court appearance.

    And her more recent posts after the breach showed that any advertisements are official partnerships as they are duly tagged.

    The 29-year-old German’s role as a model had already seen her thrive in advertising.

    Aside from advertising wears, bags, and jewelry, Scarlett has posed in shoots for car makers Volkswagen and Hyundai.

    Who is Scarlett Gartmann?

    Scarlett Gartmann
    Scarlett Gartmann

    Scarlett Gartmann was born on October 24, 1993, in Hagen, Germany.

    Scarlett is a renowned German model, who started modeling professionally around 7 years.

    She had her debut in the fashion world when she was 19 years old on the runway of Berlin Fashion Week.

    Afterward, she bagged her first professional contract with the MGM agency in Dusseldorf.

    Scarlett and Marco’s Relationship

    Scarlett Gartmann

    The Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus and his wife Scarlett have been together since late 2015 but how they met isn’t clear.

    Scarlett frequently posts photos they took together and the love the duo share is certainly enviable.

    Scarlett Gartmann and Marco

    The couple took to Instagram in October 2018 to announce that they will be having a baby girl and at the end of March 2019, their adorable daughter was born.

    And on December 21, 2019, the couple went to a city hall and tied the knot silently.


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