Check out Manchester United player Nemanja Matic’s crazy workout video

images 2020 04 14T100826.821
images 2020 04 14T100826.821

As the lockdown order continues to thrive in a bid to stop the spread of the novel Covid-19, football stars must do all they can to stay fit until they are allowed to return to pitch when the pandemic has been defeated. In view of this, Manchester United midfielder, Nemanja Matic shared a video online to show his fans how he’s starting the new week with a crazy workout technique.

In the video, the Serbian national was seen in the gym house doing some rounds of push-ups to maintain fitness pending the time that football will return. He also used his treadmill handles for some dramatic abs workout. See the video below.

There is no doubt that many football players won’t be the same when the restriction on football is lifted. Reasonably, many of them will spend the coronavirus lockdown to enjoy beautiful moments with their wife and kids that they will forget to keep fit, quite a number of them will lose form by the time football returns.

However, to players like Nemanja Matic, he would not let that happen despite the fact he’s already approaching the ending of his professional career. The 31-year-old player would not be lost with the thrills and tension of the moment that he will forget to keep fit. While some people are already seeing the end of the world come to play due to the pandemic ravaging the earth, Matic is looking beyond the moment and he could see victory.

In essence, he would not want to be found wanting in his place of duty when football returns so he tagged every day of the lockdown a ‘gym day’.

In the other news, Matic shared an enviable picture of kids online to start the new week. The Serbian midfielder has three children with his beautiful wife, Aleksandra. The duo got married in 2010 and the union has been blessed with three kids, a male child named Fillip, a daughter named Tea and their little baby daughter named Anika.


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