Carlo Ancelotti claims that Everton fans are backing Real Madrid to beat Liverpool in UCL final


The manager of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti has stressed that most Everton fans want him to beat Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final in Paris later today, May 28, 2022.

The Italian tactician coached Everton from 2019 to 2021 before he left the club to return to Real Madrid, a Spanish club he first coached from 2013 to 2015.

Since he left the Premier League club in 2021, the club has appointed two football managers, first was Rafael Benítez who was sacked in less than six months due to a poor run of games. Afterward, ex-Chelsea coach, Frank Lampard who was without a job for almost a year was appointed to replace Benítez.

Just like in the case of Benítez, coach Lampard struggled with Everton and almost supervised the relegation of the club. Fortunately for Lampard, the club avoided relegation after the 37th game of the season.

On the other hand, Carlo Ancelotti has been so fortunate since he returned to Real Madrid. First of all, he led the club to win the 2021-2022 title. Secondly, he could help the club to win the club’s 14th Champions League title on Saturday by beating Liverpool.

Ahead of the Champions League final, Carlo Ancelotti claimed that Real Madrid have a lot of fans in Merseyside, due to his affiliation with Everton, one of the major clubs in the region.

Carlo Ancelotti claims that Everton fans are backing Real Madrid to beat Liverpool in UCL final
Coach Carlo Ancelotti of Real Madrid.

Even though their Champions League rivals, Liverpool, are also a club from Merseyside, Carlo Ancelotti insisted that a good number of people from the region are rooting for Real Madrid to conquer Liverpool on Saturday.

“I know that the Evertonians support us tomorrow (Saturday, May 28), for sure,” the Italian tactician said on Friday ahead of the Champions League clash.

“I know there is a big rivalry in Merseyside. I have a good memory of my time spent in Liverpool on the blue side and I’m sure they will support me tomorrow.

“It is a big contrast. I’ve thought about that, how things were very different last year.

“This year feels like a long time. I’m treating it naturally. Getting to this final, it’s a big success for us, we know how demanding this club is – it’s all about the club’s history.

“It’s been a big feat to get to this point. We think we’ve had a very good season and we are very close to achieving something huge this season.

“We are very calm in the camp. I’m here to manage the game, with the veteran players helping the younger ones, to have a good atmosphere around the squad with lots of excitement and confidence.”

Though Liverpool and Everton are based in Merseyside, the lingering rivalry between the two clubs is tempting enough for fans of both sides to be friends to the enemies of either club.

Hence, most football enthusiasts might not be surprised if Evertonians storm the street of Merseyside to celebrate Real Madrid’s triumph over Liverpool later tonight.


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