Bukayo Saka Has Helped Fund Surgery For 120 children in Nigeria


    Bukayo Saka has taken his humanitarian service to the next level after he paid for the life-saving surgeries of 120 children in Kano, Nigeria.

    Saka in action for England

    The Arsenal star teamed up with ‘Big Shoe’ to treat children in Kano who were suffering from hernias and brain tumors.

    The operations took place in mid-October and were a success, thanks to a team of five doctors who treated and looked after the children.

    Before relocating to London, where the Gunners forward was born in 2001, Saka’s parents both grew up in Kano.

    Bukayo Saka, who is preparing for the Qatar World Cup with England, has been making efforts to give back to his parents’ country. He feels blessed to be in that position to help people, mostly children.

    The Doctor in action in the Operation Room

    Even though he does not play for the national team of Nigeria, Saka feels connected with the country, which is his parents’ ancestral home. Saka wants all children to have equal opportunity in terms of achieving their goals.

    The Arsenal star also made mention of the fact that he is always happy when the children and their parents have a reason to smile.

    Bukayo Saka
    A doctor showing a big shoe with Saka name

    Bukayo Saka Career So far as a Footballer

    Saka won the Community Shield in 2020, when Arsenal defeated Liverpool in the final. He also won the FA Cup after Arsenal came from behind to score two goals against Chelsea in the final at Wembley.

    In 203 appearances for Arsenal, he has scored 50 goals and provided 52 assists. He has also been penalized with 20 yellow cards.

    Bukayo Saka
    Arsenal players celebrating after scoring against Wolves

    In 55 appearances for his national team England, Saka has scored 12 goals. He is a top player, but surely in the future, Saka is likely to move to other clubs to win titles.

    Bukayo Saka
    Saka celebrating after scoring a goal

    Bukayo Saka Parents

    Adenike and Yomi Saka are the parents of Bukayo Saka. Saka had stated countless times how his father had helped him achieved things in his career as a footballer.

    The mother, Adenike, is a chartered accountant in the United Kingdom. The father, Yomi, is a businessman who lives in Harling, United Kingdom.

    The father and the mother are devoted Christians. They practiced the religion and had compelled their children to also practice and allow it to lead them in all their endeavors.

    The father always keeps him grounded and humble, even when it gets hard in one state of his life.

    The father is a diehard fan of Newcastle United. The reason why Saka’s father loves Newcastle is because of Alan Shearer.

    Bukayo Saka lives with his parents in the six-bedroom mansion, which he bought for a huge amount of £2.3 million.

    When he was four years old, he played football in the garden with his father and his older brother Abayomi Saka also known as Lionel Saka. His father, Yomi, took him to Old Trafford when he was seven years old before relocating closer to Arsenal.

    Then, whenever he and his siblings return to school, his father will usually take him to Arsenal, and his mother will take his older brother to Watford. He had a brother who was 14 years old at the time.


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