Bruno Fernandes won the premier league player of the month award


    Manchester United player Bruno Fernandes arrived at Manchester United and began making an immediate impact to help the team turned around from being a losing team to a winning team.

    Although Bruno Fernandes is mostly known for winning penalties and scoring them to help his team. He is still the best Manchester United player among all Man U players in the 2020 squad.

    Ugly or pretty, Bruno knows how to get Manchester United some goals, even if it requires that he trick the referee into awarding him a penalty.

    For the month of November 2020, Burno Fernandes is the premier league player of the month with 4 goals, and 1 assist.

    This award means a lot to Bruno Fernandes who is in talks with Manchester United front office to extend his contract with the possibility of doubling his pay.

    Bruno Fernandes’ premier league stats as of December 10, 2020.

    Premier League Record




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