Bruno Fernandes Reveals Why He Allowed Marcus Rashford to take a Penalty kick against Istanbul Basaksehir

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Bruno Fernandes has revealed that he allowed his Manchester United’s teammate Marcus Rashford to take the penalty kick against Istanbul Basaksehir because he wanted “Rashford to take confidence”.

Bruno Fernandes opened the scoring for Manchester United in the 7th minute during the UEFA Champions League group H match which ended 4-1 on Tuesday, November 24. The Portuguese midfielder made it two in the 19th minute of the match.

In the 35th minute of the match, Bruno Fernandes had the opportunity to score a hat trick but he decided to allow Rashford to take the spot-kick which he was able to put behind the net. This came as a surprise because the Portugal international has been the spot-kick taker of the club since he established himself at the club in June.

He joined the club in January 2020 and became an instant hit. Between February 2020 and November 24, Fernandes has scored 21 goals and provided 13 assists in 35 appearances. This means that Fernandes has been involved in 34 goals in 35 games in all competitions for Manchester United.

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This season alone, the Portuguese midfielder has scored 9 goals and provided 5 assists in 13 appearances. While Marcus Rashford who is a left-winger has scored 8 goals and provided 3 assists in 14 games.

Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.
Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.

Hence, Bruno Fernandes had to allow Marcus Rashford to score to boost his morale in front of goal. The Portuguese midfielder said it was important for Rashford to take the kick and there was nothing wrong with “sharing penalties around”.

“Of course every player wants to do a hat-trick but after the game in the Premier League, I told ‘Rashy’ the next one he would take,” Fernandes said after the UEFA Champions League match.

“I remembered that – and also because he’s one of the top scorers in the Champions League, I thought it would be important for him there to take that confidence.

“But it doesn’t matter who takes the penalties, the most important is scoring.”

While the manager of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer noted that he does not have a problem with his players sharing the penalty and applauded Bruno Fernandes’ confidence.

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“Bruno is very confident, Marcus is a very good penalty-taker as well; if Bruno feels he wants to give it to Marcus, so be it. Anthony (Martial) had one against RB Leipzig so why not? They can share them around”, he said.

“Of course we see him every day in training. We knew what we were going to get when we got Bruno to the team. He’s a player who likes to take risks. He likes to create chances, he likes to score goals.

“He’s a winner, he wants the team to win and he wants the team to do well. I think it shows today that he can do more than just take penalties.”

Tuesday’s penalty was the 30th penalty Manchester United have enjoyed in the last 75 games the club has played in all competitions.

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