Bruno Fernandes Congratulates Newcastle’s Karl Darlow for being the first EPL goalkeeper to save his Penalty


Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United has congratulated Newcastle United‘s goalkeeper Karl Darlow for being the first goalkeeper in the Premier League to save his penalty kick.

On Saturday, Manchester United played their 4th Premier League match against Newcastle United which ended 1-4 in favor of United. When the match was still 1-1, Bruno Fernandes had the opportunity of giving United the lead in the 58th-minute from the penalty spot but the Portuguese attacking-minded midfielder could not score it for the first time in 11 attempts.

Normally, whenever Fernandes wants to play a spot-kick, he uses a unique jumping technique before he kicks the ball. But yesterday, he decided to try something new which was not good enough to trick Newcastle United’s goalkeeper, Karl Darlow. The goalkeeper saved the kick to become the first in the league to be so lucky.

“Congratulations to him to be first to save a penalty in the Premier League from me,” said Fernandes.

“That’s 11 taken and one missed. Now people can say I can miss a penalty.”

Bruno Fernandes and his penalties

Bruno Fernandes is one of the best penalty takers in the world. Since he joined Manchester United in February 2020, he has played 11 penalties and missed only once.

In his entire football career, the 26-year-old Portugal international has played a total number of 33 penalties, scoring 30 and losing only three. This means that he has scored about 91 percent of all the penalties he has been taking in his football career.

To date, no Premier League goalkeeper has been able to master his unique jumping technique which he always uses to trick keepers. Hence, Newcastle United’s Karl Darlow was fortunate that the Portuguese football star decided to try another technique that he didn’t quite get right.

Below is the list of all Fernandes’ penalty kicks for Manchester United and the goalkeepers he played them against:

Bruno Fernandes taking a spot kick with his unique jumping technique.
Bruno Fernandes taking a spot kick with his unique jumping technique.
  1. Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur – Hugo Lloris
  2. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United – Mathew Ryan
  3. Sevilla FC vs Manchester United – Bono
  4. Manchester United vs FC Copenhagen – Karl-Johan Johnsson
  5. Leicester City vs Manchester United – Kasper Schmeichel
  6. Manchester United vs Chelsea FC – Willy Caballero
  7. Aston Villa vs Manchester United – Pepe Reina
  8. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United – Hugo Lloris
  9. Manchester United vs Club Brugge KV – Simon Mignolet
  10. Manchester United vs Watford FC – Ben Foster
  11. Newcastle United vs Manchester United – Karl Darlow (missed)


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