Bruno Fernandes denies rift with Solskjaer after Tottenham game

Bruno Fernandes

On October 4th, 2020, Manchester United took a brutal loss that they will never forget, they lost 6 – 1 to Tottenham hotspurs and there were rumors flying that Bruno Fernandes disrespected Man U manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Man United captain, Harry Maguire, after the match.

See the game highlights below, in case you missed it.

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspurs highlights – 2020

Bruno Fernances denied the allegation and he claimed that the media fabricated the story to destabilise Manchester United team.

Bruno Fernande’s reaction after being subbed early shows he is unhappy with Manchester united Manager Ole Gunnar, however, he denied any rift.

Although Bruno Fernandes disclaimed the rumor that he was furious with his coach and teammates after the match against Tottenham, he did acknowledge that he was unhappy after being subbed off.

Bruno’s interview with Sport TV, via A Bola, addressed the speculation of a rift with Old Gunnar, teammates, and his dissatisfaction with being subbed off early.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about that,” Bruno told Sport TV, via A Bola.

“First it was a discussion with team-mates, as it did not stick, it was a discussion with only one team-mate [Victor Lindelof], as it did not stick now, it is the discussion with Solskjaer.

“I believe it is a way to destabilise the group. What was said is in no way true.

“I was replaced at half-time, it is true, by technical option. The coach told me that the game was almost over and that we would have a lot of games ahead of us. Got it. I was not satisfied but said nothing that could harm the group.”

“Do not use my name, my colleagues or the coach to make trouble at Manchester United,” he said. “The atmosphere is good and the team is ready to give an answer in the next game.” he added.

Jose Mourinho’s post Tottenham match press

Jose Mourinho addressed the press after a 6 – 1 victory over Manchester United. “Manchester United doesn’t lose many matches, to lose by six is of course not every day,” Spurs boss Jose Mourinho said after the match. “Historical victory but in the end three points and three very important points because we lost five points at home.

“We prepared ourselves very well tactically and also psychologically, the team was ready. So ready that a penalty in the first minute and going 1-0 down did not affect the team at all.

“Some people can say you play against 10 men for a long time which is true but for me it is also true that 11 v 11 we were playing extremely well, we were creating huge problems, we were winning 2-1 and they could not find solutions to control us.”


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